Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Suntrust National DC Marathon - 3:03:32 / 7:00

48 Hours Later:

48 Hour Before: to the National Marathon!

Official Results
Net Time: 3:03:32 (PR)
Gun Time: 3:03:45
Pace: 7:00
Rank: 61/2322
Age Place: 12th
10K: 40:42 / 6:33 (close to my 10K PR & 2nd fastest 10K)
13.1: 1:27:24 / 6:40 (fastest 1st split for a full marathon)
20M: 2:16:03 / 6:49 (Would've PR'ed in the 20M distance)
AG: 68.1%

An interesting turn of events for the past several days. A major low/fail and some highs. First was deciding to enter into the ER after food poisoning. Then, decided to race the DC marathon 2 days later. Lastly, watched the NYC half marathon on miles 9 and 11 and was simply in awe (and a bit envious!) with everyone enjoying the great running weather. Believe or not, all my friends and parents scolded me for not calling anyone of them while I was at the ER. In my defense, it was 3:45AM, why would I want to cause a burden on them? I rather just take the matter in my own hands and just deal with it like always. After some hindsight, it was very selfish in my part. What if I had to go into an emergency surgery asap? I should've at least told someone; learned my lesson; and now time to drop it - i'm done hearing countless reiterations from my friends and parents ad nauseum.

Quite frankly, I was pretty close to nixing my DC trip, but if I didnt feel any better, I would not have risked my health. Since I felt fine on thursday when I was back at work, I decided that if I could keep hydrating myself like a mad man I should be fine. Tons of gatorade and water were my best friend for the next 36 hours.

The race was very well-organized. The expo was well coordinated and friendly. The marathon coordinators executed a great job to accomodate transportation logistics for all runners. That's a plus on my part; since I'm severely directionally challenged! At that point, I was feeling fine and close to 100%. Blessed by the great weather and all the running enthusiasts, I was more pumped than ever. I really have no excuses, rather than to try to my best on the race the following day.

During race day- took the metro to the RFK stadium and there was a huge line of porto-potties. Well just when I needed to go, desperate times means desperate measures as I leaked near a tree. I was pretty nervous as I was hoping I wouldn't be arrested- anyway I'm sure the officials were more sympathatic to runners on marathon day! Once I entered into the start, I decided that I have nothing to lose and run bttw. I placed myself right next to a 3 hour pacer and made a very nervous decision/attempt to try for a sub 3? I know I'm not ready for it yet (maybe in a few years) but I decided to lay it out on the line and really asked myself what's the worse it could happen? I could run away with a PR and plus there are other marathons down the road.

The course was amazing. I know I say this on almost every destination marathon, but DC really knocked Philly down the water. The landmarks, the crowds and the weather; was exquisite. The first half was a blur as I ran with Brandon from Charlottesville. He was great as he let me latch onto him and pushed the pace throughout. First half went by pretty quickly as I was able to achieve my fastest split for a marathon (1:27). This would be my 3rd fastest half marathon time as I usually hover around 1:31-1:32 on the first half splits on almost all my marathons. But this time in particular, I felt I needed to enter into unchartered territory and make the next move/step. After the first half, I tried my best to hold on to a sub 6:50 pace; until the 3 hour pacer passed me between mile 21-22. I knew at this point I didn't have enough in my tank to hang on; however still knew I could possibly PR in this distance.

After mile 22, I instantly knew if I held on a sub 8 or even a sub 7:45 pace, i would achieve another sub 3:05 marathon. As usual, I thought of my pops again for more strength, let the crowd guide me to the finish and latch onto 1 or 2 runners near my line of sight. Near the end of the race, I was ecstatic and thought of the things I did right or wrong after 48 hours. All I knew was how quickly I had to force myself to recover with loads of hydration and in the end, I'm glad I've trusted my instincts to race DC.

I'm still trying to register the other things I could've done in order to improve. As of right now, I'm happy and satisfied with my performance under the given circumstances. I have no complaints. None...well maybe except for the first two water stations; MAD CONGESTION!

On hindsight I thought of what would've happened if I did not make a visit to the ER. But truthfully speaking, what's done is done, and I have to deal with the situation. All i know is i will NEVER set foot onto AMITY HALL @ West 3rd and Sullivan/Thompson for lamb burgers. The 8 hours of excruciating abdominal pain really gave me a lesson to THINK TWICE on ordering certain foods or even eating something ordinary a few days leading up to a race! As usual, in the end I really have to trust my training and everything should work out in the end. If not, there's always another race. In addition, can I reiterate how many times I love the treadmill? ;)

At this point, I stepped into unchartered territory and decided for a sub 3 for the first time. Apparently, I came up WAY short; which means I'm not ready for it. However, I can definitely say that I can no longer use a BQ or "close to a sub 3:10 standard" to gauge on my performance; I need to get better and more consistent in this distance (sub 3:05 would suffice for now). Next up, the Eastern States 20 mile in a few days, then Boston and Dirty Jersey. Now there's no more abdominal pain (thank the docs at NYU and myriad gatorades!), I still need my bloody right eye to heal. Apparently, all the hurling have bursted the blood vessels in my eye socket. Phuck me; But THANK YOU DC!

Mile 01: 7:09:51
Mile 02: 6:30:38
Mile 03: 6:20:83
Mile 04: 6:37:25
Mile 05: 6:50:97
Mile 06: 6:50:53
Mile 07: 7:02:69
Mile 08: 6:48:25
Mile 09: 6:44:61
Mile 10: 6:35:01
Mile 11: 6:43:71
Mile 12: 6:52:69
Mile 13: 6:42:78
Mile 14: 6:57:51
Mile 15: 7:00:03
Mile 16: 7:00:04
Mile 17: 6:45:30
Mile 18: 7:12:16
Mile 19: 7:14:41
Mile 20: 7:14:47
Mile 21: 7:15:62
Mile 22: 7:16:90
Mile 23: 7:26:53
Mile 24: 7:42:93
Mile 25: 7:34:01
Mile 26: 7:27:22
Mile .2: 1:37:53



Anonymous Robert said...

I winced when I saw that mile 3. It's so tough to keep the pace under control at the start of these things. Sorry you missed sub-3, but considering the crazy week and all, it sounds like you put in a solid performance and are ready to hit it next time out.

7:57 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

you're so amazing, congratulations!!! I need help, what is your secret!! :) don't worry I know its hard work and dedication, but it do help to have that running gene, don't ya think? great job and right after your bout with food poisoning.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous darkwave/cris said...

Excellent job! Congrats on a great race!

3:30 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

Thank you for taking the time your plan looks good very similiar to what I use to do when I first started. I was never able to accomplish tempo's on my own though. and I was always told I used races as training runs the only thing I ever trained for was marathons :). I know I'm in a down time right now I'm doing my best to keep on track and I know I won't be down for long.
You're an inspiration and I know exactly where you are coming from. I'm sure you'll get that sub 3:00

4:58 PM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Congrats on the solid performance despite all the drama a few days before at the ER.
You still PR, which is amazing. sub-3 is right around the corner (not a few years away!!!!).
Wish you well in Boston

8:18 PM  
Blogger Willis said...

Two words:


Amazing performance, esp given the recent food poisoning!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Willis said...

Two words:


You're a machine! 2 days after a tainted meal and you're still throwing down hellacious times. Congrats!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous What The Run said...

Excellent time and a good RR! Good luck at Boston!

6:55 PM  

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