Wednesday, February 03, 2010

2010 ING Miami Marathon - 3:04:54 / 7:04

2010 Miami & Key West

Net Time: 3:04:54 (PR)
Pace: 7:04
Rank: 48/2915
Age Place: 11th
10K: 43:57
13.1: 1:31:34
30K: 2:10:18
AG: 67.6%

Huge redemption compared to 2009 with a nice 41 second PR. Overall, I felt great throughout the race considering the 76 degree/90% humidity. I lost a bit a steam after mile 21, but was able to pick up it. Very reminiscent to '09's Kansas City due to the similar splits.

After Kansas City, I pondered whether I could break a 3:05. The thought of possibly going sub 3:05 for fall of 2010 did linger my mind. Because of that, performing a 3:04 in Miami exceeded my expectations. I would preface this by revealing my left calf injury after the Las Vegas Marathon. This was attributed over the fact that I only took one day of rest - which was completely my fault. With a tweaked calf, I settled to run and complete the Miami Marathon with no injuries, have fun, but also to seek redemption after my 2009 Miami disaster. During my time with the calf injury, I made new friends: a foam roller and Sports med Dr. Noy (who I highly recommend btw). After a week and a half of no running, I've decided to work harder and strived to get back into my race shape. Then it came down to running consecutive races on every weekend of January (Fred Lebow, Ridgefield 15K and Manhattan Half). Looking back, the high volume of racing was probably a big risk and not a smart move; but I felt fine after taking over a week off. This was to assess my fitness level; albeit a very psychotic way. Since PR-ing the Manhattan Half, I realized that I maybe I didn't lose much of my fitness after my calf injury. Not only that, it really gave me the much needed confidence for the marathon next week. Or maybe it was plain stupidity to push so hard after an injury.

Anyway, so the point is, I came into Miami with no time goals (or maybe a SOFT time goal to better my 2009 Miami time) and race depending on feel. If I happen to PR at Miami, then great, I'll take it. If not, no biggie since I have 6 other marathons lined up this year. But overall, I knew about the weather conditions and how the heat got to me with all the cramping on BOTH legs last year. Hence, I have to be realistic with my goals and it was to better my 3:22 time and to stay healthy.

The nite before the race was a cantankerous disaster. Well, I'm glad to have a great time carbo-loading @ La Laconda with my running friends. However, we stayed at the Beach Paradise Hotel on Ocean Drive/6th and the noise was never-ending to the point of obnoxiousness. I basically woke up at 2:55am; a tad early since the start was 6:15am! So after the insomniac debacle, idiots at the front desk of the hotel couldn't get the cabs to pick us up to the start; even though we rsvp'ed the day before!!! Instincts tell me they probably never honored the request, so onto plan B as we divided and conquered to different streets of south beach to hail a cab. One group found a cab and the remaining 4 were stranded. 20 minutes have passed and man was I pissed, luckily, a girl named "MS. GIL", saw a bunch of us desperately trying to hail a cab and came to our rescue. Yes, 4 of us had to hitch a ride. Seriously, we were cutting close to the corral closure; but Ms. Gil was definitely our savior and I will owe her drinks ;)

At the start, while the baggage check was a clusterphuck, there were plenty of familiar faces I see often in the NYRR races or Central Park. 5 minutes before the start, I reminded myself that I'll just run depending on feel because the weather is a huge dictating factor for this race. At the first 5 miles, I was pacing with a NYH girl and already was drenched in my sweat. I mean, I don't mind it because I love running in warm weather but in the back of my head, I told myself to hold back, prayed for no cramping issues and hoped that my calf will be fine after the finish. After skipping the water stop on mile 6, I lost the harrier and latched onto two other runners. I was asking them if I could work with them to hit 7:00-7:02s, and they were like "sure". Another fact validating how great runners are; a great camaderie indeed. We paced with each other till mile 16 as one of the runners slowed down due to the heat. That was when I latched onto Mario of San Salvador. Thanks to him, I was able to run consistently through miles 20. Funny how he had an Australian accent and from San Salvador!

Anyway, after mile 21, I did some calculating in my head and felt that I had enough in my tank to hit another sub 3:10. But I was also secretly hoping that I don't cramp up like last year! I thought, if I happened to bonk at this stage, at least there's another marathon (ie. Boston, Chicago, NYC) in the horizon. By mile 23, I knew I got this in the bag and for some reason I was able to hit a 6:50. Weird. I felt strong at that point in time and thought if I hit 7:30s, a PR is possible. I kept reminding myself that a 7:30 is equivalent to 8.0 mph on the NYSC treadmills. In addition, I thought about all the speed sessions I've trained with Coach and others and the pain was only temporary. Of course, I thought about my Dad and everyone else important in my life as a mantra to push myself forward. In addition, I kept reminding myself that in 20 minutes, this marathon will be over. I mean I was in pain (even the race photos show that!) and I was passing a few runners at the end. I basically used each runner in front of me as a rabbit till the finish. The last 400 meters was very reminiscent of 2009's Kansas and NYC, as I was just ecstatic to see the finish line, hi-5ing the crowds, and felt I had some in my tank to sprint to the finish.

At the end of the race, I was just thinking what would've happened if the weather conditions were different. But seriously, as much as I love running in warm/hot weather, I was really lucky this time around. I mean, looking at last year when I cramped up on both legs, maybe the heat really got to me. But this time it was different; hence very lucky or maybe it was because I took SIX GUs and stopped at almost every water stop (missed 2).

I had plenty of thoughts after the race and the first thing that popped into my head was really how thankful I was to train with Coach and his team. Looking at the splits, I was close to hitting even splits (1:31/1:33) hence, maybe this was one of the better marathons I've ran in quite awhile. Moreover, I truly believe the consistent speed sessions/tempos and the build-up of races was key in leading to this result. It is important to know that everyone has bad races and the best you can do, is pick up the pieces to move forward and train harder. In addition, there shouldn't be any whining or complaining when one is injured. Ok you can lament over it for a day or two but why not stay positive, rest on the injury then train harder on the next one? Case in point, I ran a 3:18 in Las Vegas just over a month ago and the conditions were more ideal than Miami. And after my calf injury, I vowed to train harder (ie. foam roller strength/resistance training). Lastly, I'm no expert but as I've stated before, marathons are unpredictable and you just have to figure out a way to readjust your goals depending on how your body feels.

Overall, I know I keep repeating this ad nauseum, but this month was a whirlwind. With a Half and Full marathon PR in two weeks at the beginning of this year, I really want to enjoy the rest of 2010. Actually, since I'll be doing some non-NYRR races, I feel like i'm pressured to get my 9 races in! In the end, I want to continue to run smarter, hold back and leverage this race for some confidence in future marathons on the horizon (Boston, Chicago, NYC). Most of all, I want to make sure that I enjoy, savor every marathoning moment and have fun in every race.

Miami 2011? That's a possibility. Although Arizona or Houston sounds enticing. I would need more time to decide. But I have to thank the crowds and the volunteers at the Miami marathon - they were simply amazing; could not have done it without them.

Mile 01: 7:22:48
Mile 02: 6:37:28
Mile 03: 7:21:63
Mile 04: 6:47:03
Mile 05: 6:48:05
Mile 06: 7:12:62
Mile 07: 6:56:68
Mile 08: 6:49:24
Mile 09: 6:57:65
Mile 10: 7:01:04
Mile 11: 6:54:57
Mile 12: 7:03:12
Mile 13: 6:59:02
Mile 14: 6:57:25
Mile 15: 7:02:30
Mile 16: 7:03:11
Mile 17: 7:00:95
Mile 18: 6:59:98
Mile 19: 6:58:61
Mile 20: 7:06:19
Mile 21: 7:20:31
Mile 22: 7:19:36
Mile 23: 6:50:14
Mile 24: 7:24:86
Mile 25: 7:26:21
Mile 26: 7:10:98
Mile .2: 1:27:71

Miami and Keywest Aftermath



Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Congrats on the PR, a week afer your half marathon PR. Like I said "You are not human", coming from cold NYC to 70 degrees with 86-93% humidity Miami and PR.
I admire your perseverance and giving it all despite the weather.
The only thing you need to work on is to look better when you run towards the finish line. Stop grinning! LOL
Now, go get your sub-3!!

4:34 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

hahah i never look good at the finish line! It was great catching up with you and enjoy the pockys ;)

as for the sub 3...I'm not there yet, but I hope to get there one day. I would need to hit 1:25 on the halves consistently. Other than that, I would hope to reach that of these days! I could only imagine how much harder it could be! Hence, Ill be grinning more w/ pain at the finish line!

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Rich said...

Awesome job, bro. Through heat and humidity...all that running from the INS has paid off I see. hahaha Congrats on another PR!

6:37 AM  
Blogger Adam Culp (Crazy Floridian) said...

Nice job, some day I hope to get PR's in the lower 3's.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Willis said...

You're a MONSTER! I can't believe you could PR so many races in such a short period, and cap it with a PR marathon, of all things.

Great running. Wish I could be pulling that kind of running off myself. Take some well-deserved RR time and enjoy those shiny new (and hard-earned) PRs!

3:52 PM  

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