Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NYC Half Rejection

Just when I thought I could have a chance to run the NYC Half for the 5th consecutive year, the journey has come to an end. Well, I didn't get accepted to the NYC Half Marathon Lottery. Initially, I was hoping to use this race as a tune-up for the Eastern States 20M and Boston. But damn, sometimes I wish I had the ability to hit a 1:23. Yup, so much for wishful thinking Moz!

Some runners state that for a half marathon, this race does cost an arm and a leg. Personally, regardless of price, I genuinely love racing this course. The bad news has certainly freed up my BB race calendar. Perhaps another local race or scoring some tickets to the Knicks/Rockets game.



Blogger Willis said...

You can definitely hit 1:23. I wasn't too far off at 1:25, and you run like half the miles I did at my peak! Go for it!

7:40 AM  

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