Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 Fred Lebow 5M - 32:01 / 6:24

Net Time: 32:01
Pace: 6:24
Rank: 93/3356
Age Grade: 66.7%

1- 6:24:16
2- 6:18:47
3- 6:25:52
4- 6:33:96
5- 6:21:19

Despite the freezing conditions, there's still plenty of runners out in the park! Compared to the '08 Philly Marathon, this was probably the coldest I've raced. Even with double gloves, I was feeling miserable at the start. The wind was brutal and the fact that my toes were numbed felt like (what Pedro would say) an amputee. However, after looking around the crowd, I was amazed with the turnout and how many runners showed their dedication to race this damn thing! Hence you just gotta' deal with the conditions, no matter how shitty they are.

Once I got passed mile 2, my toes started to feel better; then gradually my body warmed up a bit. Throughout the race, I made sure that I paced with a lil' guy from CPTC. I see him all the time! Anyway just a minor tidbit- I saw my buddy Pedro stopped to tie his laces before the 72nd transverse and passed me on the east drive. I think that's pretty awesome - just a thought :)

Although not a PR, this was my best Fred Lebow performance. Looking at the splits, I'm still all over the place. I think I need to be more consistent in these shorter distances as I know distances from 5K-10Ks are my weakest links. In addition, I need to get used to the cold!

Hopefully this is a good start of the new decade. With plenty of races on my calendar, I hope to leverage this positive experience throughout the year.

Meanwhile drinks for Lou's b'day in dirty hoboken. What a trek!



Anonymous Rich said...

Nice! Wind, snow, maybe sleet next time? Such a machine. Way to go!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your splits look perfectly fine...very terrain-specific :) (e.g., mile 2 is that long downhill, mile 4 is cat hill) nice race on a chilly day...

and no dissing the Hobe! :-P

7:26 PM  

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