Monday, December 07, 2009

Las Vegas Marathon - 3:18:48 / 7:35

Las Vegas Marathon

Net Time: 3:18:48
Pace: 7:35
AG: 62.8%
Rank: 285/5852

For my 16th road marathon and 8th of the year, my Las Vegas Marathon performance was not the best and definitely not the worst. I was mediocre in this race mostly due to the fact that I started too fast and ended up paying the price. The wheels started to fall off early around mile 9 and completely after mile 16.

I previously stated to have fun in this race, which I did, but managed to push for another time-goal before the starting line. I guess I really took a gamble in Vegas! I knew I wasn't going to be in tip-top shape coming into this race mainly due to the fact that I was in Asia. Hence, 3:20 was a comfortable time-target for me.

On hindsight, there's really no excuses because I should be planning and spacing out my marathons more effectively. In the end, I didn't have the adequate mileage (4-16 miles a week after nyc and a 12 mile long run combining with the turkey trot was about all the running I could fit in) and taper mode coming into the race like I usually do...gotta' respect the distance! Furthermore, I am going to punch myself for saying this but maybe I should take a little break from all the damage done from marathoning this year.

Ok, I digress, back to Las Vegas! We flew in on Friday nite and stayed at the Luxor. For food on a Friday Nite, we ended up at PF Changs around 12am and walking along the strip, I just couldn't believe the amount of extravagant hotels and new ones (ie. Aria and etc) being developed. But I have to say it was a pretty sick view during the night. The lights, the people, the energy...I guess that's what Vegas is all about; especially for first timers like me, I was in awe!

As for the marathon, this was my first Rock and Roll series and I'm impressed with the expo and organization. There were 29 corrals and wave starts worked more efficiently than NYRR's. Yes, the race is really catered to the half marathoners, but I racked up plenty of freebies during the expo ;). After the expo, we quickly rented a car and checked out the Hoover Dam and carbed up at Maggianos.

The race started with a "Celine Dion impersonator" singing our national anthem. The last thing I knew was....hmmmm..isn't she Canadian?!?! But man, I can't stand her! Before the gun came off on the chilly morning, I decided to go on full throttle, "pedal to the medal" (which Lulek emailed me before the race) and possibly better my 3:05 in Kansas City. I figured, hey I did it on my previous marathons maybe it could work again. NOT! I started way too fast on my first 9 miles and the rest was history. By mile 13, I knew a PR wasn't feasible with the gradual elevation hence getting close to a 3:20 would suffice. Anyway, it was great running through the strip with loads of drunken knuckleheads on 6-7 in the morning.

Quite frankly, in terms of time goals for a race, I simply couldn't make up my mind. Similar to any deal in Vegas, I took a risk by going for broke and in the end it didn't work out and I'll have own up to the result. What's done is done and I gotta' keep moving Miami 2010 that is ;).

Anyway, we weren't prepared for the chilly 35 degree weather at the start because stated around the 45-50s. Oh well, next time I have to be more prudent in packing for destination marathons. On another note, I warmed up around mile 3 and discarded one of my favorite Nike Tee with my name and address on it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of that nice lady would mail it back to me.

Overall, I had a great time in Vegas and loved the race course and support. I have 2010 marked down for Vegas and hopefully would be doing more of the Rock and Roll Series in the future.

Mile 01: 6:58:31
Mile 02: 7:00:47
Mile 03: 6:48:84
Mile 04: 6:51:42
Mile 05: 6:45:65
Mile 06: 6:48:21
Mile 07: 6:55:15
Mile 08: 6:56:36
Mile 09: 7:03:42
Mile 10: 7:09:18
Mile 11: 7:09:37
Mile 12: 7:33:27
Mile 13: 7:36:22
Mile 14: 7:36:40
Mile 15: 7:45:83
Mile 16: 8:04:44
Mile 17: 8:09:37
Mile 18: 8:06:58
Mile 19: 8:22:99
Mile 20: 8:29:64
Mile 21: 8:00:92
Mile 22: 8:06:80
Mile 23: 8:06:87
Mile 24: 8:12:16
Mile 25: 8:07:33
Mile 26: 8:24:15
Mile .2: 1:44:21



Blogger Billy Burger said...

Another nice marathon dude! Yeah, those initial miles were pretty gnarly but given the weather, why not go for broke? Looks like Vegas was a good time...not too many people do it up like you on a marathon weekend.

1:05 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

nice job Ken, Congratulations!

4:21 PM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Good job Ken! You made the right choice by going fo a PR. You'll never know when it will be your day so just go for it no matter what. You still did awesome and you'll have 8 other marathons waiting for you next year to break your PR.
See you in Miami!

6:38 PM  
Blogger chicopea said...

Looks like such a fun trip! dude you forgot to post the most important pic from the album. In-n-out! yes rest up before miami and congrats :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Willis said...

Good one! 3:18 is still friggin' fast! I definitely couldn't come close to that with the low mileage I'm doing now. Make it an aqua-marathon, and well....

You're due for some downtime after a string of great races!

12:55 AM  

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