Sunday, October 04, 2009

Post Clarence Demar

5 days after the Clarence DeMar Marathon, I ran the Grete's Gallop. I know I wasn't ready to race it, hence ran as a pacer with ruda. Before the start, I had a brush with the nyrr rules and regulations as I was escorted out of the corral with the wrong bib. I guess NYRR does enforce these rules! As such, I joined her around 3 minutes after the starting line. Throughout the 13 miles, we settled onto a good 8:12 pace and served as her waterboy lol. Right before the end (1:47), I dropped out of the lane since I don't want to get tackled at the finish line.

The weekend was great, just spending most of the recovery with the 'rents at the vineyards and awesome friends at J's shindig. Btw, we checked the Yank's game and the stadium was meh. Go Mets lol!

Two weeks till I settle my foot in the midwest! Holla!



Blogger chicopea said...

dude you're a lean machine.
your parents are really active and fun :)
ohman nyrr has changed things around so much starting with the corrals. i mean there is a need but its kinda getting stifling

9:45 PM  

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