Tuesday, September 15, 2009

US Open - The Aftermath

Del Potro as the new US champ doesn't surprise me at all. What surprised me was the fact that he was able to pull off a 5 set win when tennis fans know his endurance for long matches are questionable. Ever since his 4 tournament win streak and watching a couple of his matches and practice @ Flushing Meadows last year, Del Potro was on my win list; but the question was when will he breakthrough? As for Roger, if there's any consolation, you won the most slams in the history of men's tennis; what more could you ask for!?

On the women's side, Oudin's and the great dane's run were surprising. Both aren't the mindless ball-bashers with no plan B (ie. Screamaova, Azarenka, Li Na) However, I really don't see Wozi making another Cinderella run at a slam. I have to admit that while I am mesmerized by her looks, her game is a poor man's Jankovic/Hingis and slightly better than Radwanska. If Oudin is able to channel the prowess of Henin, there's a possibility of another run, otherwise, she would be another footnote in the books and a Stevenson/Lucic/Dokic story. Lastly, isn't it time we moved on from the Serena controversy?

I can't believe the open is over. Till then 2010 here we go again! Below are the pics from Niketown on 57/Madison after JMDP's win. Enjoy!



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