Friday, September 11, 2009

Nike Event: Kara Goucher

One of my running friends fwd me an invite on a Nike Event featuring Kara Goucher. It was definitely too hard to pass up! I actually got to run with her for about 2.5 miles. Well more like my buddy kieran going against me to fight for her attention. By the time we caught up and ran at her pace, our efforts were futile as one of the pacers "hogged" her throughout the run! Dammit! :P

IMHO, I don't know her personally, but from first impressions and brief conversations, she was very friendly, positive, driven (qualities of any olympian), humble, social and stunning (i'm sure the running majority would agree!). Her captivating presence and leading up to my nerves, I stuttered most of my questions relating to mile 25 in nyc and her Boston experience. But I did add how my parents from queens was rooting for her in this year's Boston marathon when they should've been tracking me! She had a good laugh. Overall, it was great to meet an olympian and a great champion. I'm forever a fan of Kara. Adam you are a lucky guy! :)



Blogger chicopea said...

aaahhhh kara is totally my girl crush. i was stuttering and incoherent when i met her last year. that's great you got to spend so much time together!

9:33 AM  
Blogger Billy Burger said...

you lucky, lucky SOB.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Willis said...

MMM...Kara Goucher...TOTAL hottie, and the thing that's most appealing about her is that she comes across as really chill and normal in her interviews. Her husband is one lucky (and REALLY fast) guy! Great pics!

9:11 PM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

thanks! haha!

11:17 AM  
Blogger DawnB said...

I am so jealous.

8:09 PM  

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