Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NIN @ Terminal 5

We were drenched with sweat as well as the stench of alcohol and fourtwenty fumes from fans after the NIN show at Terminal 5. As far as the crowd goes, we were all reliving our HS angst phase as pretty phucking hate machines. Endless pushing, shoving and elbowing kept the adrenaline going. I was unfortunate as ticketmaster bailed out on me for Wednesday, whereas siq will be reliving the past for another day; scored tix to the Wednesday show as well.

Anyway, Trent was phucking amazing. Funny how there's a bunch of fatties who are huge fans of NIN. Hopefully Trent's jacked up look would inspire the fatties to lose a little, do some cardio, cut the junk and hit the gym (sorry I have to be brutally honest or harshly nice!). Peter Murphy of Bauhaus joined for a few songs. My ears are still ringing; comparable to the Tool, Isis and Mogwai shows.

-Terrible Lie
-The Beginning Of The End
-Begins To Blur
-The Big
-I'm Afraid of Americans (No David Bowie...dammit!)
-Gave Up
-La Mer
-The Fragile
-Way Out Is Through
-Letting You
-One Million
-Peter Murphy Song 1 Reptile???
-Peter Murphy Song 2
-Hand That Feeds
-Head Like A Hole
-World Went Away
-???? w/ Peter Murphy



Blogger Salvatore Bono said...

SWEET PICS MAN! Thanks for taking a look over at my blog!

8:10 AM  
Blogger chicopea said...

wow that looked like a good show. you're right he is jacked!!!

9:49 AM  

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