Sunday, July 26, 2009

Escarpment Trail Run / 5:59:46 & etc.

Official Time: 5:59:46 (163/189 - Last place in Age Group)

This race was in my to-do list after Val Morin of '08. Since I've only competed 3 of these types of technical trail races, I could only base my comparisons to the canadian ones. The escarpment course was very similar to Val Morin. However, I find escarpment to be muddier (due to the rainy conditions), and rockier sans any Val Morin beaver dams or brook crossings in Mont Tremblant. This was a very well-marked course (i still managed to get lost twice since everything looks the same after awhile) with scenic views including numerous steep hills, rocky ascents/descents and at times, I felt like I was treading through a continuous slick of mud. Eventhough it was muddier, it certainly was not as "deep"; whereas in Mont Tremblant, your trail shoes would get stuck! The course had several aid stations, course sweepers and amazing volunteers. Just like any cuts, spills, blisters, black nails and insect bites it is to be expected in these types of races; but the most effective item to bring ? Leave the bandages, Neos, H2O2, in your truck...Sweat Resistance Deet is it! That stuff works like magic! Case in point: acquired 37 bites from those blood-suckahs in Mont and 3 in Escarpment. But who's counting anyway

Although a 30K, the Escarpment Trail Run took almost as long as the Ultimate XC - Val Morin Marathon. Running on the trails through the rain made the traction a bit difficult at times. I felt really good after my third trail race and since I was able to finish it under 6 hours...well barely qualified (haha!), I hope to be back next year. Also congrats to Frank and my teammate Joe for killing the course!

Btw- I was last place in my age group. Suffice to say; extremely humbling! ;)

Two days before escarpment, we went out for my best bud's 30th birthday @ Three of cups and Radegast. Some may have a fear of turning 30, but I can't wait! Yes, that's right, in a few months, I'll be the big 3-0. No big deal for me since I still get carded on whichever restaurants or bars I go to. The heuristic? Treinta anos or any age is just arbitrary!



Blogger chicopea said...

You kick butt!

How do you even hear about these races? I want to get into trail running but I don't even know where to start. Hopefully they have some that are much shorter distances too :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Billy Burger said...

Good times as always one quite balances superduper running and partying quite like you brother.

9:20 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

I'm sure you're looking forward to it again. You are officially now a Mountain Goat :)

6:35 PM  

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