Monday, May 18, 2009

Sugarloaf Marathon, Maine: 3:24:31 / 7:48

3 Marathons in 6 weeks. I'm done! Time to focus on shorter distances! More to come, till then the Shins!

Sugarloaf Results

Net Time: 3:24:31
Pace: 7:48

What I really need to do is to space out my marathons a bit more and stop being overzealous on trying to do too much. Obviously, my body took a beating and truth be told couldn't really handle the physical nature of marathons without the optimal recovery. I felt my body could handle it since I felt good after Long Island and the fact that I've done the 2 marathon 15 day deal in 2008. But all the racing has really caught up to me. The zeal and the competition clouded my judgement of respecting the distance, hence I will need to take each marathon more seriously. I knew after mile 8 I was in trouble. My legs didn't have the springing action like it used to and I felt fatigued. There's really no excuse since no one put a gun to my head to do 3 marathons in that length of time. I had a chat with my friends and especially my dad after the race. He asked me why do keep I killing myself on all this marathoning? Truth is I just love the distance and trying to put my body to its limits. And if I truly love the distance, I need to be more serious about it...a little TLC goes a long way baby! In addition, coach told me that my knees will be shot by 35 if I keep doing this! In the end, I've done it and would I do it again? Absolutely not :)

I've checked my calendar and it looks like my next tune-up marathon is around september. Till then, I'm going to slowly build up my speed on shorter distances and focus on 1-2 "A" races near the end of the year. Ultimately I would like to burn the course in Boston 2010.

Meanwhile, I'm behind schedule with my 9 NYRR races. I prefer completing the requirements before september-october. But it looks like I'm going to have some trouble and willing to take some drastic measure to complete my 9 (ie. do a short race back to back and sacrificing some non-nyrr races)--- mainly because i hardly do November-December NYRR races! Eff me!

01: 7:28:93
02: 7:37:83
03: 7:08:59
04: 7:23:96
05: 7:30:11
06: 7:24:35
07: 7:25:97
08: 7:20:84
09: 7:47:25
10: 8:01:62
11: 7:38:27
12: 7:12:58
13: 7:37:66
14: 7:36:38
15: 7:44:72
16: 7:37:88
17: 7:26:54
18: 8:01:64
19: 7:53:59
20: 8:24:47
21: 8:09:51
22: 8:27:44
23: 8:31:63
24: 8:28:87
25: 8:42:66
26: 8:35:52
.2: 1:39:62



Blogger lindsay said...

3 in 6, and all so fast! that's insane. interested to see what you do with shorter races. great pics.

1:47 AM  
Blogger LANYTransplant said...

3 marathons in six weeks?! You're a machine! Congrats.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

hey - i forgot to get the marathon training sched from u
do u have something i can follow
ive been running but not on a consistent schedule
and i think i may need to do that

ive seen a few online but i dont know which is the best to follow
figure ud be a good source to get this info

6:46 AM  
Blogger ExSoccerGuy said...

Glutton for punishment, you are! I think we may have crossed paths in/near the hotel lobby or on the way to the packet pick-up. Can't believe it was your 3rd marathon in such a short time.

Good move to dial it back. See you in Boston in 2010!


8:25 AM  

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