Sunday, May 03, 2009

2009 Long Island Marathon 3:16:00 / 7:30

(dang son....ohhhh snap-- check out the diversity above!!!!)

Chip Time: 3:16:00
Pace: 7:30
10K Split: 43:36
1/2 Split: 1:32:52
20M Split: 2:25:44
Rank: 34/514
Age Grade: 63.7%

Overall Results

Net time of 3:16:00. Definitely off from my 2008's performance. The wheels didn't exist today. I know it was 13 days after Boston and I keep hearing that perhaps I needed more recovery time, however that's really no excuse when I've done the two week by two marathon type of deal before.

I knew I was in trouble early on in the race around mile 6. There's no friggin' way I was going to bail out on this marathon. There's many coulda's woulda's and shoulda's- but hey what's done is done and I have to own up to my performance. Luckily buddy K was there to pace with me from miles 18-25. I really don't know how I would gutted it out. If there's any validation, I was placed 3rd in my age group and I guess running two marathons with 3:15 & 3:16 isn't that bad, and I shouldn't be too hard on myself. Either way, last week, I've registered for another marathon in the middle of May. Maybe it is too soon or maybe not running to my potential, but I love running and killing myself over marathons; at least I get to scratch this state off my list! Once again, another marathon to look forward to! :0)

More importantly, congrats to my posse Ace (1:58), Anchi (2:18) and Ghetto (2:16) on their halves!

01: 7:05:75
02: 6:49:86
03: 6:47:87
04: 6:59:36
05: 7:02:26
06: 7:03:97
07: 7:08:48
08: 7:05:35
09: 7:07:28
10: 7:07:76
11: 7:09:34
12: 7:09:47
13: 7:13:12
14: 7:18:59
15: 7:29:46
16: 7:38:34
17: 7:42:18
18: 7:52:00
19: 7:44:45
20: 7:55:09
21: 7:59:38
22: 7:57:95
23: 8:15:65
24: 8:26:82
25: 8:13:92
26: 8:02:14
.2: 1:38:02



Blogger Billy Burger said...

Sweetness Moz - 'grats on the AG win!

I guess your mile splits pretty much sums it up. I admire you for going for it, in spite of being only 13 days removed from Beantown.

Hope a little more rest nets you a better time next month. Great job dude.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

Thanks Billy- yeah i hit the downward death spiral after mile 15 and it was downhill from there.

8:39 PM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Hey Ken,
3h16m is pretty good and consistent after running Boston 2 weeks ago. It wasn't your best day but you still did pretty well.
I envy you since you can run so many marathons at this time of the year relatively close to where you live (at least driving distance).
Continue running so many marathons and you'll eventually get an awesome day. You'll get better and better.

8:51 AM  
Blogger DawnB said...

Ken, congratulations, nice job I was wondering if you were there. back. You did great you barely just finish Boston.

6:08 PM  

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