Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday Nite @ The Armory 2/26/09...One Year Later

We went up to the Armory on Thursday Nite to participate in the 8X200 and 10000 meter relay. I can't believe a year have passed; times definitely flies! My legs were ok during the race, considering the fact that I participated in a speed workout the night before with RunNYC at the East 6th Track. However, after waking up this morning, both of my hamstrings are completely sore. The fact that I have this 25K race (Yes! This weekend!) that was registered months ago will force me to take a mandatory 48 hour R&R. As much as it hurts, I love the track and enjoyed every moment cheering on for my team- what a bunch of dedicated runners.



Blogger DawnB said...

Oh if I thinking this is the BB 25k this weekend, it was cancel due to the pending snow strom. I got the news today by email. Reschedule for March 8th.

8:14 PM  

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