Friday, January 09, 2009

Morrissey Tickets and What If....

Years of Refusal will be release in a few weeks and hence Morrissey will be on tour...again to support the album. The pre-sales in conjunction with Itunes started yesterday @ 10AM for the Bowery & Webster. At first the thought of shellin' $75 bucks a ticket in times of our economic crisis was hard to justify especially when I have food expenses, bills, mortgage, insurance and all other crap! However, I wanted the Bowery tickets really badly and after all it was like a once in a lifetime deal. Heck, I would even go as far as paying $200-$300 for it. Morrissey at the Bowery (venue of 550...TOPS) would be sick! But unfortunately I fell for the Bowery decoy and as a result lost out on the Webster Hall presale as well. Yesterday, I came in empty handed and was furious on how any presales could be sold out within seconds?!?! I place the blame on the ticket scalpers and TICKETMASTER for being the worse scums of the earth.

Today was the sale of the tickets to the general public. Without thinking, I chose to forgo the Bowery decoy risk and opted to obtain the Webster Hall tickets. Fortunately, I was able to get them online and managed to call Carnegie Hall simultaneously. In essence I scored 4 tickets to:

3/25 - Webster Hall (General Admission)
3/26 - Carnegie Hall (5th ROW!)

And lovin' the desperate Craiglist ads for the moment (wait...that couldve been me!) ;)

Anyway, so I was pondering on a what-if scenario on the most essential albums to bring if I were to be stuck on a deserted island. I'm sure there's plenty of albums I could name, but the top five out of my head are:

The National - Alligator

This album is by far my favorite album of all time. I was mesmerized at the first listen with its beats and lyrics. The best song is "Baby We'll Be Fine" where it sucks to have a normal routine and doing something so methodical, when you know what it's been like to live in a bubble partying and playing shows every other night. Or it could also mean the justification in life through his "other life" in which the singer never experience. Another favorite is "All The Wine" where any listeners can live vicariously to. As such, the song really states that it's a lot of pressure to carry a certain baggage (everyone carries somewhat or another). Hence, sometime alcohol is the only escape from reality. I've seen them 8 times already and can't wait to see them again in February at Carnegie Hall w/ Vampire Weekend.

Morrissey - Your Arsenal

Everyone in my circle knows how much I worship Morrissey/Smiths. In terms of "Your Arsenal", critics stated countless accusations of racist lyrics that I beg to differ. Idiots seem to comprehend the lyrics to "The National Front Disco" one way. However the song serves a purpose and encompasses a different meaning on the fact that there's always a choice in life and why normal people choose do stupid things! This album is where Morrissey inked an awesome rock record. Favorite cut? Definitely the last two of the album such as "I Know It Is Gonna Happen Someday" and "Tomorrow".

Bjork - Post

Bjork, Bjork, Bjork...what would the world be without the queen of iceland?!?! As a previous fan of Sugarcubes, I was very disappointed with her dance-inspired "Debut". I really condemn Nellee Hooper in assisting the production of such a cretin dance-pop trash bioharzard. However, "Post" redeemed Bjork and was definitely ahead of its time...think about was 1996 and no records could match the "Post" innovation except for Tricky. Also, Bjork was my FIRST music concert. I remembered forking the hard earned $100 (when i used to work at Canal Jeans afterschool) at the Hammerstein. Man, I was 16 back then and quite frankly, I was shakened when she sung "Possibly Maybe" with the red/orange hologram light backdrop.

Interpol - Turn Off The Bright Lights

Called them the Joy Division mimickers or whatevers, but I was obssessed with Interpol during my senior year in college. "The New" really got to me. The haunting opening of its guitar and the simplicity of the lyrics embodies the different stages or ups and downs whether mellow or intense fervor in a relationship. Asides from "The New", "Stella..." was another favorite cut of mine.

The Dears - Gang Of Losers

OK I do admit that Murray does embody some vocal and lyrical similarities to Morrissey. After "No Cities Left" I never thought their second album "Gang of Losers" would be better! I think a lot of critics didn't give this album a chance and truthfully speaking, it was very underrated. With "Ballad of Humankindness", "Whites-Only Party" and "You and I Are A Gang Of Losers", what could possibly go wrong? "Every single one of us is getting massacred on a frozen path. Fever comes to wipe us out and scratch your name off of a list..." Wow! Actually I was a little bummed to have missed their hiro ballroom show. I've seen them 5 times and they are good live. Keeping fingers crossed for another live Dears show! Maybe Music Hall In Williamsburg?!?!?



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