Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Philadelphia Marathon: 3:12:22 / 7:20

Final Time: 3:12:22
Pace: 7:20
Rank: 446
Age Grade: 64.9%
5K: 22:44
10K: 44:43
15K: 1:07:00
20K: 1:28:57
25K: 1:51:12
30K: 2:14:01
35K: 2:37:28
40K: 3:01:41

01: 7:36:16
02: 7:10:57
03: 7:04:71
04: 8:13:15
05: 5:58:13
06: 6:46:00
07: 7:23:88
08/09: 14:14:20
10: 7:19:21
11: 7:00:18
12: 6:58:74
13: 7:05:25
14: 7:11:83
15: 7:14:86
16: 7:22:83
17: 7:19:51
18: 7:21:37
19: 7:35:26
20/21: 14:43:00
22: 7:35:34
23: 7:44:13
24: 7:54:37
25: 7:53:11
26: 7:55:35
0.2: 1:38:49

Net time: 3:12:22! Affirmative...the weather was cold, but I really don't see the point of affecting your race that much. As I have stated from time and time again to the point of exhaustion that any runners have to adapt to different conditions. The moment one complains about the weather, you would psyche yourself out mentally before the race. Yes I hate the cold, but would i resort to slitting my wrists and complaining about the weather? Absolutely not.

I'm relieved that my 2008 scheduled races are over! I came into Philly with minimal expectations but of course, I wouldn't do a marathon for the sake of doing one. I definitely want to stay consistent and pull a respectable time because the truth is, I do care about the end result. I truly believe that my splits compared to NYC, were relatively similar. I think I started too conservatively, lacked a game plan and didn't really "push it" throughout the race. My only sub 7 was on mile 12! Best buddy Kieran, ran a 3:04 (PR) and passed me on mile 9. I knew I wasn't hitting my mark since he passed me on mile 18-19 in NYC 3 weeks ago. However, I'm glad I started conservatively because i was hurting everywhere, my pf, upper left and right calf region was going insane - but like always, I just have to deal with it - no excuses.

Just like any other half/full marathon races, it was demoralizing to see the half marathoners finishing the course! Also by the half marathon mark, I gotta' give a quick shout out to christian of UATH; way to rock MOAB! By mile 20, I almost tripped over the cones on Kelly Drive due to the congestion and the fact that several runners in front of me started to slowed down...(Another reason for me in being a shyt magnet - I ALWAYS do that and SHYT always happens to me!). By mile 23, I had the decision to make a move. For some reason, i didnt. I told myself that I could either enjoy the race with minimal injury with a 3:11-3:15 range as the end result or killing myself to shoot for another 3:10. I told myself that (i know how lame this is...but in the third person! hahaha) "hey moz, you demonstrated a 3:09 in NYC 3 weeks ago, and it is ok." Even if I hit a 3:10-3:11, it wouldn't change anything in terms of the BQ and wouldn't come close to lowering my qualifying time. In the end it was smooth sailing after miles 23 and on. Overall, there's nothing that I would change; it was the best that I could do on that given day.

Philadelphia was great. Albeit short, I'm glad to check out the city in a different way. The course was absolutely scenic and I would rank it a notch below Charlottesville. Coming into the city, Lulek (4:32), Kieran (3:04 - PR), a few others and I drove down to jersey and was dumbstrucked by the cheap gas prices. We remembered seeing 1.69 per gallon and was frowning over the fact that we paid 1.97 for gas! We never seen gas this cheap before!

After the race, we met up with my bro, wongster who took the 5am Fung-friggin-wah to get to philly- major thanks for him to do that for us. Nice medal from the marathon, and of course we made our girls come with us for a philly steakhouse tour for a post-run filler-up. I honestly don't feel as broken as I was after NYC. I think my body is getting really used to this distance-- I feel like I could run another 6-8 miles tonite or tomorrow. But I'm going to hold back because this could be deceiving...endorphins perhaps? Overall, for the 5 marathons (Long Island - 3:07, Charlottesville - 3:11, Hamptons - 3:15, NYC - 3:09, Philly - 3:12), i think i tried my best to stay within a consistent range. I have no complaints about this year, but really want to leverage this year's results and mindset to carry onto 2009. For 2009, I would like to make a consistent showing in the races and also try to race and train smarter (ie. leaner marathon/racing schedule and incorporating more mileage/hill/speed work).

Lastly, for the first time, I ran this race WITHOUT an ipod. I actually emailed the Philly people and they responded: "USATF prohibits the use of ipods, etc." However, there were tons of runners with their music devices; hence it was NOT enforced. I should've known that! Oh well, shyt happens right?

Nice job on parking my dad's van! Haha!

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Blogger DawnB said...

Congrats!! oustanding job

5:31 PM  
Blogger Oliver said...


7:29 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

you ran without the ipod?!?!?!?!?!? who are you and what have you done with moz?

great job on the tails of NYC!! now time to rest up and party for the next month :)

10:34 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

thanks dawn! I've just joined Marathon maniacs!

Ollie- cant wait to hear about costa rica

Flygirl- Yup...what a downer! It was dumb! i shouldve known that philly cant enforce this rule with over 18000 runners you know? I seriously missed my tunes-- but next time, the ipod will be surgically attached to me.

10:49 AM  
Blogger John And Christine's Story said...

Hey Ken,

Just found out about your blog, thanks for your comments, I am trying to cook, I am just really bad,

Nice pics, I see that you are running hard!

11:28 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

congratulations on becoming a Maniac, love the photos look like you guys had a great time

7:53 PM  
Blogger DawnB said...

congratulations on becoming a Maniac, love the photos look like you guys had a great time

7:54 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Congrats on a great race.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Chicopea said...

Awesome job and congrats on a kickass year! And yeah no ipod rules since i block everything out after the first few songs anyway

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should check your time... it should be faster than you think it is...

this post prompted me to check the validity of the "official" results...

here is what you actually ran...

and here is what you think you ran...

thanks to this guy...

9:54 AM  
Blogger Burger said...

s-mmmm-okin' man. you've got some quick, slow twitch muscle havin' legs brother. Great report!

11:47 PM  

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