Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hamptons Marathon - 3:15:57 / 7:29

Overall Results
Award Results

Net Time: 3:15:57
Pace: 7:29
1st Half: 1:32:01
2nd Half: 1:43:57
Place: 1st in 25-29 / 7th overall

I'll post the splits later, but anyone can extrapolate from the half splits that I've gone too fast on the first and suffered the consequences in the end. On the first half, I tried pretty hard to latch onto Mark (3:03), and that's probably my downfall. In essence, I should've ran my own race and maybe if I could've hit 7:00-7:05 flat I would've resulted in a better time on the second half.

From the imminent weather, it was a given that there's going to be spotty torrential downpour and crazy headwind near the shore. Quite frankly, I registered for this race since June because I felt this course was very PR-able as advertised; and probably a good opportunity to lower my Boston qualifying-time. However, this challenging course comprised of rolling hills and I felt there were plenty of those on the second half as well as mud/wet-sand moshings on the last couple of miles. Overall, asides from the conditions, it was brutal because by mile 12-13, I knew my hopes of a PR were gone. Luckily with the great support system on miles 6, 13, 19 and 25 I was able to pull through-

On hindsight, I need to slow down a little on the first half so I can save up for another gear for the second half- hence lessons learned. As a result, I still finished with a 3:15:57, 1st in Age-Group (25-29)/7th Overall; albeit a bit of a disappointment, on my way back to the suburbs, I was happy that I was able to brave through the brutal conditions and use this experience to leverage into my future marathons in 2008-9 (a great tune up for NYC, Philly, Austin/Miami and Boston)

Tale of the Splits:

01: 6:52:05
02: 7:15:24
03: 6:51:01
04: 6:55:27
05: 6:57:27
06: 7:04:42
07: 6:53:85
08: 6:54:41
09: 6:56:54
10: 6:59:78
11: 7:05:60
12: 7:03:58
13: 7:14:83
14: 7:16:35
15: 7:16:74
16: 7:20:62
17: 7:34:60
18: 7:43:86
19: 8:09:31
20: 8:10:22
21: 7:53:71
22: 7:54:42
23: 8:04:04
24: 8:20:88
25: 8:36:08
26: 8:30:73
.2: 1:55:60



Blogger DawnB said...

congratulations on wining your age group, nice race!!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

that is serious fast man... Is there a sub 3 in your future?

7:30 PM  
Anonymous jud said...

I've been meaning to congratulate you. Incredible job! You are tough tough TOUGH!!!

9:45 AM  
Blogger jbetanoff21 said...

Thanks for passing by my blog. It looks that we ran in similar situations this fall. Rain, rain, rain!
Hopefully the weather in NYC in november will be good.
We should keep in touch and maybe meet up in NYC. I'll be there from Thursday til Monday staying at a friend's apt on E 79 street 9(Manhattan).

6:59 PM  

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