Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boston & Cape Cod

Back to cod was great; although I only wish that we spent a few more days in boston. Boston reminded me of a gentrified Brooklyn nabe...perhaps Brooklyn Heights/Park Slope/Cobble Hill/Fort Greene and somewhat of Montreal?? An hour and half down from the Cape, we checked out Yarmouth, Harwich and Chatham and it was reminiscent of a chilled-out fire island with a 35-50 y/o crowd? Anyway, one thing i noticed in Boston is the slew of healthy runners populating on the streets...hence whale watching was close to zilch as opposed to the outer skirts of Long Island (jk!!!!)

The drive to get there was pretty hectic and even more exhausting on our sunday return. Despite the long drive, it didn't affect my apprehensions of bringing my 4runner (a total gas guzzler) there, since gas was only 3.97/gallon there----gotta filler-up!

Took me 7 hours to get back to my apartment and even worse, I couldn't get to sleep till 245am on a sunday (monday morning) due to the fact that I was keeping myself on highway-alert with all the coffee and red bulls. I couldn't believe an I-95 would be a two-laner. Overall, the trip was great; it was just good to get my knees, hamstrings and ankles a good rest from running; despite only running a total of 8 miles for the weekend. Furthermore it was a good to get away from the city and chowing down the chowder and the cholesterol-laden shelled-crustaceans.

As for the Olympics, we did do some watching down at the Cape since there was nothing going on after 830pm. We caught up with the Women's marathon and I was pretty disappointed. Deena dropped out at the 5K mark and Magda on mile 12. Paula, who was supposed to aim for redemption failed to get herself to the medal podium. As for Phelps this and Phelps that...don't get me wrong, the feat that he is achieving is great as the most decorated Olympic athlete (luckily there are tons of swimming events). However, the myriad coverage gloating on this star is exhaustive and truly dismissive to the other olympic sports and US athletes.

Am I the only one who can't stand Bob Costas' douche-tardy verbal diarrhea? Aite, August 23rd....Would it be Hall, Sell or Ritz?!?!?! Bob Costas...please shut up!!!

And more drinks at MetroCafe...



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Wow. Looks like you guys had a great time.

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