Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rant of the Month

Just piggy-backing from Squirrel.....since it has never happened to me, I could never relate to Squirrel's perpetual racer rant. After last nite, I see where he is coming from.

Since I couldn't get much mileage (3M) running on Sunday in Queens with my dog, I decided to get a long run down my belt on a nice Monday nite. Well basically my dog, Goldie refuses to run for more than 15 minutes ---- so she would just lie on the sidewalk and wouldn't budge; thus making me look like an idiot....ok ok i digress.

Just when I was running on my first loop ---- towards harlem hill, this dude from the nike team (please note i do recognize him during my previous monday nite nike runs) started to run right next to me. There was no SPACE between us; literally he was close to me like elbow to elbow. It was as if he was racing with me...As Squirrel would call it: the freaking perpetual racer....

While running uphill, I told him (with my ipod) you wanna pass? He clearly didn't. I had the what the eff moment because i literally do not want to ruin my pace for a the long run since I have ANOTHER loop and then some to go. As a result, I slowed down to let him pass. Just when I thought this running nightmare is over, he slowed down right next to me then sped again AND slowed down again....what the hell right? Whats the point of doing that????? Totally livid, as we're going downhill, I figured what the hell, I'll just pass him because this douchetard is annoying.

I dont know why this affected me so much --- thinking ahead I should've ran my own run. But still it was pretty blatant that the perpetual racer was playin' around. Thinking right now, I shouldve sucker punched him and sped off like any hit and run.

With all jokes aside, I was fuming this morning but decided to let it go after conversing with other runners. I'm more pissed over the fact that I let this douchetard ruined my first loop by going faster (41:07) and second loop of (45:37); there you go - inconsistency. What the hell--- but im glad I taught him a lesson as I put on the nitro on the Harlem Hill descent.

Well my rant is finished for today, but at least i got my 17 miles last nite! (2.5 miles up to central park - 12 miles- 2 loops of the park and 2.5 back home)

Let's see here...I would equate this experience like road ragin' in Central Park.



Blogger nyflygirl said...

i HATE being tailgated on runs. i had that happen to me once courtesy of some highlighter singlets...jeez, if someone wants to run easy, just let them be!!

11:11 AM  
Blogger DawnB said...

What an idiot, way to get it done any way congratulations

3:40 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

next time just "accidentally" trip him. A little asphalt sandwich should do the trick.

7:51 AM  

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