Sunday, July 06, 2008

Putnam County 8M: 56:07 / 7:00 & July 4th

July 4th Putnam County 8M
Chip Time: 56:07 (PR by Default)
Pace: 7:00
Rank: 37/297
Age Grade: 62.4%

After putting in 8 miles on Sunday, 10 miles on Monday, 11 on Tuesday, Speed Session and including a 4 miler R/t from my apt to Central Park I just didn't have it that day. My legs were very sluggish in the first 4 miles but eventually I felt better as I went along. Overall, no excuses as I did my best for that day. There's always another race and another chance. Nevertheless, this is a good hammer in the head to get myself together and respect rest days. :)

Asides from the courses aethestics, the course consisted of plenty of rolling hills and a great change from the NYRR races. I'll be back next year :)

....Then checking out the fireworks on my roofdeck with my ghetto gang :) Booze, food and ummm....more a great combination. The fireworks show was forgettable compared to last years, however, we all lucked out since this year's fourth landed on a Friday...more reasons to get loco with muchas ceverzas. Yes my buddy found Imperial Beer!

As for tennis, I'm happy for Nadal to destroy Roger's reign. I bet Borg is secretly chuckling right now with his 5 consecutive wimby titles! I'll say screw the redcoats, here comes the US OPEN!

Got the National tickets at Summer stage awhile back and really dig the Virginia EP...under the National withdrawal...just 4 more weeks!



Blogger DawnB said...

nice job on tire legs

3:32 PM  
Blogger rundangerously said...

great job out there morrissey! tough day to run a hilly eight miler, fog, drizzle, high heat and humidity!

caught sight of the reservoir dogs singlet. would have said hi if i realized it was you!

are you doing any upcoming nyrr races? city to city 10k this weekend?

4:45 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

How awesome was that final??
I got to see Nadal play in '06, I hope I see him again this year!!

11:13 AM  

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