Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mozzer Throughts- Part (X)^n

Just some random thoughts:

-For my speeding ticket, I opted for a plea bargain and my charge was dropped from 76/55 to a 60/55 with $145 in fines and 3 points (instead of 6) off my license. I'm just glad that this nightmare is over. I'm tired of bursting another coronary over this bullocks.

-It has been one week after the Long Island Marathon and my quads are close to 100%...the usual hamstring and ankle hmmm.... not looking so good. My left ankle is always tender. There's a shooting pain while walking but after running for 4-5 minutes, it usually goes away. Seriously WTF?!?! Hence after today's speedwork, I'm going to use the next 48 hours to rest my legs.

-Starting this month, I'm rededicating myself with speedwork. I know I've took off over 15-16 months with no speedwork, however, those months gave me time to focus on building my mileage and incorporating with tempo runs. But I have to say, those miles are getting really really trite. It is time to work a little harder and get back into speed action. After last week's speed session, I didn't realize how much i miss the workouts as well as the camaderie of pushing yourself with your other teammates.

-I need to start reading those running books and researching on training on the net. My training regimen is simple, "just get the mileage in". I doubt that is the way to go as there are speedworks, hill works, tempo runs, long runs. Just focusing on mileage (40-55/mpw) that could involve in junk miles is probably a bad idea and inefficient. Damn this is so confusing!

-As the weather starts to get better, I'm going to refrain from running on the treadmills---at least try. I'm the laziest person on earth when it comes to running. The truth is, I hate running in the cold; with that being said, I have no excuse during the spring-fall running season.

-When i look back at my 12-18 mile runs on the treadmill, damn it was insane. To prepare for the Charlottesville marathon, i did most of my training on the treadmill and only ran outside when there are races (CT/NYC). Maybe I need to tweak a little on my treadmill training....maybe instead of focusing 80% on the treadmill, decrease it to 50% for the upcoming months.

-After the marathon, I only took one day of rest and being a total psycho, i participated in the speed workout. I just need to tell myself and learn that it is "ok" to rest for several days. Just resting a few days shouldn't inhibit your fitness level. Come to think of it--- wouldn't it be better to be resting for 2-3 days instead of being sidelined with an injury for several months?

-Running two marathons in 15 days was extremely draining. The feeling of achieving my first sub 3:10 marathon is finally sinking in. Truth is, I'm definitely not the fastest guy in my team (as I consider myself to be in the middle of the pack), but to run this time I really worked my arse for it. But when I think of the 2:50 qualifying standards back then, my results are nothing! :) If you were to ask me three years ago if I ever was going to qualify, I would say my best bet would be in 2015; hence no rush. If my body is ready to achieve that time then it will eventually; if not, i'll just have to keep trying to progress and improve. However after Charlottesville when I realized how close I was into meeting that standard, I had to go for the full marathon in Long Island because I don't want to regret it later with the notorious "what-if" scenarios.

-The feeling at the start of Long Island resulted in much trepidation as I started to doubt myself whether this was a good move or not. Yes, it was pretty risky to run another marathon when you are not fully recovered but come to think of it, it could be an act of stupidity as I could've hurt myself as well. There's definitely some pressure I put upon myself to better my Charlottesville time. So many what-if scenarios in my mind at the start of race; however before the gun went off, I blasted my ipod and had the National/Shins/Beck/Interpol/Bjork/Rogue Wave/Smiths/Postal Service serenade me throughout the race.

-As for music, it is an individual thing. If you don't wear it, great, but I really think people should mind their own business if other runners are running with music. Therefore, for all the runners out there running with music- DO IT! Unless, the course director REALLY enforces the rule- which i highly doubt. By the way, ipods are restricted in the Charlottesville Marathon website. HOWEVER, in the brochure and newsletter there was a huge picture of a runner with her IPOD on. Isn't it ironic....don't you think?

-To get my training back into gear, I signed up for the Healthy Kidney 10K. Part of me wants to race another 10K...another part of me just want to rest! I'll see how I feel after Friday; I really dont want to get burned out. But damn i need 3 more race qualifiers!!!!!!!!!!

-I'm currently shopping for other fall Marathons asides from NYC. As for 2009, the Miami or the Austin marathon is definitely my top choice as I'm hoping to prepare for the Great Wall marathon in May. Yes, I will be making my first trip to China and possibly Hong Kong.

-I seriously can't stand people who "walk" on the treadmills. Even worse, people who hold on to the bars while walking on the treadmill are the worst.

-Gym go-ers who grunts and drops those weights on the floor are so friggin' annoying

-To the ladies out there who also go to the gym, please don't douse yourself with perfume. I was getting nauseous yesterday and had to stop and switch to another treadmill

-These past 2 months have been brutal. With little to no alcohol intake; it's just so hard to go out. It really sucks to go out when you see the rest of your friends chugging beers and savoring the taste of jack on the rocks. I'll be honest, I was green with envy when my friends were able to drink, get crunked and not worry about the consequences next day. For me, I had to make sure that I don't drink and get a 12 mile run on the treadmill the next day. It's just so tempting to see them enjoying their beers when you are drinking a bottle of water. WTF?!?!?!? Thank goodness I finally got a good number of drinks into my system last week at meatpackin' ! (thanks to nate and baldy!)

-I'll be going to Costa Rica at the end of May and Quebec in Mid-June. This week and a half vacation should give me some time to regroup and get rid of some burnout to start the new marathon season.

-I'm keeping my fingers crossed to gain entry to the NYC Half Marathon. I need to redeem myself after 2007's disastrous result.

-No...I didn't get the National tickets at MSG as they are opening for REM and Modest Mouse.

-Pretty stoked that all my friends are getting bit by the running bug and will be participating in the 2009 NYC marathon.

-Saw Harold and Kumar 2 and I thought it was sucked. I'm looking forward to Indiana Jones....after 18-19 years?!?! Damn, well it's about time!

-I had a HUGE smile on my face when Mike D'Antoni was announced as the new head coach of the NY Knicks

-US Open tickets is just around the corner---- time to save up those vacation dates for that main event!

-I'm definitely out of the loop when it comes to SURVIVOR these days....but Parvati winning the damn thing was pretty special. I love that girl.

-My dog loves roadtrips--- she's definitely going to accompany me more often now :)

-As for my running goals for 2008? Again, it is to run consistently and finishing strong in a race. Most importantly, I need to start enjoying the race moments and be more positive because not every race has to be a PR. Granted there's always room for improvement, but two years ago would I have thought that I could've hit these times? Not in a million years, hence I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far and I still feel I have a lot to learn and much more room for improvement. Even though I was able to hit 7 PRs (5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, 30K, half-marathon, marathon) this year---(way beyond expectation), I'm still going to work a little harder as well as starting to give my body some rest.



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