Saturday, May 17, 2008

Healthy Kidney 10K: 40:49 / 6:35

*Picture Source: Jud the Olympian - thanks!

Chip Time: 40:49 (PR)
Pace: 6:35
5K Split: 20:18
Rank: 340/6273
Age Grade: 65.7%

01: 6:30:03
02: 6:31:06
03: 6:31:42
04: 6:52:69
05: 6:32:84
06: 6:30:89
.2: 1:21:61

The weather conditions were very ideal for the Healthy 10K race. This was my first race with the 2008 NYRR corral system and I was placed on the second corral. I believe in order to get into the first corral, you would need an insane sub 6:20 pace. My bib was marked 6:24 and was still on the second corral--- goes to show how the competitive the fields is out there! Of course, there were definitely corral bandits but I just have to focus and give my 100% to the race. In my honest opinion, I didn't think it was a major improvement as I still had to weave through the clusterphuck. But I still should be glad that NYRR is doing something to make a better race experience for the running community.

Before the start of the race, I met up with a few of my teammates. Throughout the race i felt really good out there. As the gun went off I ran with my teammate CM (who smashed the TRD record- congrats to her) for the first 2 minutes then I saw my teammate DK in the beginning of miles 1-2. I trailed behind DK until I felt I was more comfortable to kick it up to another gear. Afterwards, I paced with PM of the harriers and Kimi of CPTC throughout miles 3-5.

Overall, I enjoyed the race. Despite the hiccup on mile 4, I was pleased with the PR. Heck - not every race has to be a PR! I'm thinking to myself that it was awesome running a 10K on a Saturday Morning when some people are still sleeping and recovering from their hangovers! ;)



Blogger DawnB said...

you rock, nice job. I should have came down for this one. Had nothing on the calendar saturday.

3:31 PM  

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