Tuesday, May 20, 2008

AHA Wall Street Run: 18:55 / 6:18

Chip Time: 18:55
Pace: 6:18
Rank: 129/4301

01: 6:01:34
02: 6:49:56
03: 6:05:12

No one said this was going to be easy and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone! Give me any 5Ks, 4-5 milers and 10Ks, man I know I'll be in deep trouble. At the beginning, I had to leave wong and K behind and congregated with ace, kruda, cmiller and JR at the start. Wong and K were pretty much in the back of the pack as wong didn't have his chip & bib and it sucked - felt bad leaving them at the baggage area. Truth be told, K can hit sub 6s if it weren't for the walkers and clusterphuck.

When the gun went off, I tagged along with cmiller and JR throughout the race. We knew if we latch on together, cmiller would smash the TRD woman's record. Yup, she did and then some... ;)

At the final turnaround, cmiller and JR had more gas in the tank and put on their nitro ;) Kudos to them as they are super speed demons! I'm happy that I competed hard in this run. Overall, it was a great TRD showing at this race and I enjoyed every moment racing on this downtown course.

Next up: Quebec!



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you are awesome nice job

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