Sunday, March 16, 2008

NYRR 8K: 32:30 / 6:32 and then some...

Final Time: 32:30 (PR by default)
Pace: 6:32
Rank: 94/1780
Age Grade: 65.6%
1- 6:32:25
2- 6:19:42
3- 6:33:21
4- 6:45:55
.9- 6:20:33

Although I was supposed to get up at 6AM....I didn't get my arse outta bed until Wongster gave me a call at 6:45 telling me that he wasn't able to make it. Luckily the cab ride took 10 minutes and I got there before 7:15. I felt pretty good throughout the race, and was pretty happy that I tried my best to pace with the CPTC'er until he passed me after engineer's gate. Also, it was pretty cool to see the wave of TRDers in the course. Well, I got captured by NYRR. In that was probably less than 200 meters to go as I waved to Barbara and Irwin. Sorry I couldn't smile...maybe Cliff was right...i needed my ipod, but left it at home because of the imminent rain. And I will adamantly state that I will keep wearing my Ipod in future races regardless...

After the race, it was pretty exciting to check out the championships..well especially for Ms. Tollefson. My eye lit up when I saw Carrie Tollefson with 800 meters to go... DAYUM!!!!!!! :)

Sorry folks, I have to say I was suckered into seeing One Republic (w/ Josh Kelley as the Opening act) a couple of weeks ago at the Roseland Ballroom. The crowd sucked, the band sucked even more. This was probably the worse concerts of all time. Phuck Me! recent favorite hangouts? Olea and Stone Bar in Fort Greene as well as Rebar in DUMBO



Blogger nyflygirl said...

haha I know that CPTC guy, he's the boyfriend of one of my teammates!!

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's no maybe about it... i'm always right.


4:21 PM  

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