Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunken Meadow 5K: 19:46 / 6:22 & Fred Lebow 5M: 32:25 / 6:29

1/13/08 - Sunken Meadow State Park 5K (State Parks Winter Series)

Final Time: 19:46 (PR)
Pace: 6:22
Rank: 10/665
Age Grade: 65.2%
Splits: 6:11 / 6:27 / 6:28

It has been a crazy weekend of racing. First the Fred Lebow 5 Miler and now, the Sunken Meadow State Park Series. Sometimes I asked myself why the hell am I doing this? I did it for two reasons. One, since it wasn't a back to back half marathon, I should be ok racing a 5 Miler then a 5K the next day. Another reason is to achieve my first sub 20 for a 5K. Since 2006, I missed hitting a sub 20 for a 5K by two seconds (x-ref: Mets Run To Home Plate '06). This year, after running the shorter distances, I had a feeling that the elusive sub 20 was just a kick away.

Racing the 5K after a 5 Miler may not be a good idea, but I felt fine after Fred Lebow, hence I decided to make a 40 min trek with my dad to Sunken Meadow. Quite frankly, we got a bit lost reaching to the destination (thanks to my horrible navigational skills that irked my dad). That's when the nerves kick in realizing that I could probably be late for the anticipated race. Luckily we got there 35 minutes before the start - whew!

Anyway, I went a bit too fast on the first mile and paying up for it in the end. I raced with Chris Duffy for the first mile then I started to trail behind (Jennifer Schretzmayer - First overall female). I was glad that I trailed behind her; I was actually in awe with her gait- swift, efficient and effortless. But nevertheless, I gotta' thank her for being my rabbit for the race. Although some guy passed me at the end; it was no biggie- I finally subbed 20!

By default, I was placed first in my age group (25-29) and ranked 10th overall. Noticed that I stated default due to the fact that field in Long Island is definitely not as big as New York City. But, I was happy to have my first age grade win and experiencing this moment with my Dad made it extra sweet! I totally dig it!

1/12/08 - Fred Lebow 5M

Final Time: 32:25
Pace: 6:29
Rank: 127/4409
Age Grade: 65.8%

I missed counting mile 2 & 3 on my watch, but what the heck...I had a good race. Let's see, Tiffany ran her first 5 miler, Kieran (30:51) kicked my ass and dusted me on mile 2.5 and Tommy running a decent time. Just to have all my friends with a passion of running is pretty amazing.

Although this race wasn't a PR, I thought it was pretty close to my Poland Spring time. Now, I need to gear up, recover and focus on the Manhattan Half Marathon.

Current Rambings

-As for music, below are the 20 songs on my Ipod playlist:
1. Sealegs - The Shins
2. About Today - The National
3. No One's Gonna' Love You - Band of Horses
4. Shirin - Jens Lekman
5. Son - The National
6. Nantes - Beirut
7. Boy With A Coin - Iron & Wine
8. Is There A Ghost - Band of Horses
9. Wild - Poe
10. Read My Mind - The Killers
11. Phantom Limb - The Shins
12. Detlef Schrempf - Band of Horses
13. Society - Eddie Vedder
14. Half-Life - Duncan Sheik
15. Taylor - Jack Johnson
16. Waiting In Line - Zero 7
17. Postcard To Nina - Jens Lekman
18. Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
19. Your Eyes - Travis
20. Wings - Utada Hikaru
21. Chicago X12 - Rogue Wave
22. Guaranteed - Eddie Vedder
23. I Can Die - Rogue Wave
24. Split Needles - The Shins
25. Karvel - Bjork

-No Country For Old Men comprised of great acting, but I found the movie quite disturbing. Juno was good, but fell short of my expectations. I found it hard to believe with a 16 year old's sarcastic, witty and contrived dialogue.

-Let's go Giants! suck! :)

-2008 Austrailian Open is on the way....My picks? For the men: Of course Roger Federer. However I feel that Marat Safin, Fernando Gonzalez, Davide Nalbandian, Tommy Haas, Andy Roddick, Dmitry Tursonov, Lleyton Hewitt and James Blake may go deep in the draw. For the women, I'm rooting for Serena. I think Venus, Jelena Jankovic, Lindsay Davenport, Li Na, Tatiana Golovin, Nicole Vaidisova may go far in the draw as well.

-I have registered for the Manhattan Half Marathon, Bronx Half Marathon and the Pfizer 15K Challenge. I also registered for my first relay of the year with Nate and Baldy on the Cherry Tree Prospect Park 10Miler. Our team will be called: "I'm Rick James, Bitch!! - TRD"



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wahh-- u are soooooo friggen... crazy fast!!!! goooo mozzer!
and iron and wine rocks--- boy with a coin.

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