Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rowayton, CT 10K - 41:50 / 6:44 pace

Final Time: 41:50 (PR)
Pace: 6:44
Rank: 49/373
Age Grade: 64.1%

We started the new year by racing the 10K in Rowayton, CT. I particularly find the 10Ks as my weakest distance and most difficult. Although it was a PR, I wanted to do better. The course consisted of many surprising uphills, small downhills, turns, and a deceiving uphill at the last 1.5K that deserved flipping the bird. Quite frankly, it is pretty nice to race outside the monotonous Central Park courses. Overall, I felt really good out there and looking forward to the winter much as I hate running in the mind-numbing cold!

As for music news, here is baldy's picks for his top albums/comments of 2007:

1. Radiohead - For me clearly, the top album of the year, not a weak track on the album.
2. The National – Very consistent in tone, only weak song is Ada. Curses to Sufjan.
3. Of Montreal – An epic journey, each song mutates slightly and seamlessly flows into the next.
4. Blonde Redhead – A criminally underrated record and for that matter group.
5. The Twilight Sad – Histrionic and thick. Everything the new Bloc Party aspired to be.
6. Interpol - The first four songs are as strong as any other albums first four. My love for Interpol may bias this pick.
7. Spoon – Yet another gem from Spoon. Better than Gimme Fiction, which says a lot.
8. Phosporescent – I love this album more every time I listen to it. Sounds like taking Band Of Horses and slowing it down to Beach Hill pace. This album probably
surprised me more than any other this year
9. Sunset Rubdown – Each song flows into the next kind of like Of Montreal. Better than Shut Up I Am Dreaming, this was a stronger year for music.
10. Modest Mouse – Spitting Venom makes the hair on my neck stand up everytime.
11. Apparat – Another grossly underrated album and my favorite electronic album of the year.
12. Shout Out Louds -More consistent than their previous album. For my money these guys are as good as Peter Bjorn and John.
13. Arcade Fire - Half the songs I love while the more Springsteen songs are merely good.
14. Italians Do It Better – Italian synth driven disco, there was no way I couldn’t like this.
15. Stars Of The Lid – Beautiful and moving from the most minimal repetitive sounds. I would listen to this over and over while writing my thesis.

Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order):

-Bloc Party - Very good but kind of wimpy. Nobody should sing about Sodoku.
-Eluvium – Similar to Stars Of The Lid.
-Jens Lekman – Extremely witty Intelligent lyrics. The last 5 tracks are my favorites.
-Les Savy Fav – Now I see why these guys are so often praised by the indie music community. What Would Wolves Do is my favorite song on the album?
-M.I.A.- Paper planes is a great songs, the upbeat atmospshere belies the dark lyrics. I can watch M.I.A videos for hours on end.
-New Pornographers – Of the same quality as their other
3 albums.
-Okkervil River – Not as heavy as Black Sheep Boy. Sounds like Will is going to have an aneuryism when singing about the flames licking at your chair.
-Pela – For some reason I dismissed these guys before listening, Very good Americana
-The Shins – Like the NPs this is just as good as their first two albums.
-Wilco- Given that the Ghost Is Born didn’t have a lasting impression on me I was surprised how much I liked this." - Rob



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