Sunday, January 27, 2008

Manhattan Half Marathon - 1:30:45 / 6:55

1/27/08 - Manhattan Half Marathon

Final Time: 1:30:45
Pace: 6:55
Rank: 302/4989
Age Grade: 65.2%
1- 6:43:85
2- 6:58:69
3- 6:44:21
4- 6:42:74
5- 6:46:79
6- 7:01:28
7- 6:48:79
8- 7:10:29
9- 6:59:62
10- 6:55:60
11- 7:02:76
12- 7:16:85
13- 6:47:72
.1- 0:47:51

First off, this was probably the best showing for my team, The Reservoir Dogs. Out of the 34 runners, 8 ran a sub 7 pace. In 2006, the Manhattan was my first half marathon and I was pretty ecstatic hitting a 1:38. Last year, I ran a very disappointing 1:44; where I had to walk on mile 11 and 12 due to a banged-up knee. I have to admit that walking near the finish was pretty demoralizing. This year, I really wanted to redeem myself and pull off a good time; the result was achieving my 2nd best half marathon time :)

I had a little trouble breathing at the end of the mile 11 and 12, but I gutted it through. Although it wasn't a PR (circa '07 Staten Island), I'm happy just to remain consistent with my result. After my 15K Ridgefield debacle, today's cold weather was very tolerable. That's pretty much my joy for running. Even though you had an abysmal result the week before, you'll always get another chance to do better another week :)

Congrats to my running buddies Tommy (1:38) and Kieran (1:25) for running an awesome race. All the weightlifting, core training, running along the east river to the manhattan/brooklyn bridges, nike monday nite runs and spinning classes have certainly paid off. In addition, I gotta' give props to my team for an amazing showing and support. I totally dig it!



Blogger Chris said...

Great Race! Love that you included splits per mile. Good luck at the Bronx Half.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

crank that superman

11:22 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

dang. you're fast.

I'm Rick James, Bitch... Nice!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Mavro said...


You're awesome at this running stuff and you know it. When I first read your post, I wanted to question the reason for the sudden boost between miles 12 and 13, but looking at you last picture, it looks like you quickly came down with a case of the "runs." I hope you made it :)

1:42 PM  

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