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Knickerbocker 60K, Turkey Trot 5M, Hot Choc 15K & Knicks

For the past few weeks, my mind was focused on racing. I have to admit, I've been on a high after the NYC marathon. Asides from being inspired recently, mentally and physically I felt great and wanted to see what I can do and improve on other races.

11/17/07 - Knickbocker 60K

Final Time: 5:40:12 (PR)
Pace: 9:08
Rank: 36/126

Since last year, I always wanted to run a mini-ultramarathon. However, my hopes were dashed with a sprained ankle from the NYC marathon. This year, even though it was 2 weeks after the marathon, I felt really good (albeit not 100%). I registered for the race a few weeks before the marathon hence it'll force myself to run it.

This race was the most excruciating race I had ever endured. Yes, running the marathon with a sprain ankle was all sweat and tears, but running the 60K; I clearly lost my sanity. I'm happy to say I have completed the 60K all in one piece; but am I happy with my performance? The answer was clearly no. I felt great running the first 6 loops with kieran and after the last 3 loops with Tommy, I lost it. I went postal. I went tourettes. I hated how I conducted myself on the last loop as I yelled out expletives to myself and the accidental tourists upon my path. It was pretty ugly since kids were around. Although I managed to smile at the end of the race and talked to several dogs, I felt horrible and extremely apologetic to the innocent pedestrians being verbally abused by the crazy asian in yellow.

The subject of the 60K was brought up in the TRD message board, but I refrained from responding. Although only Nate, baldy, coach and cliff knew I was running the 60K, I didn't want to make it a big deal and only proving to myself and no one else that I can run this damn monster. Secondly, my experience after the race was far more negative than positive. As for running the 60K again....I will do it if there was electronic scoring. And since it is 2 weeks after racing the marathon, I personally don't think it was ample time to recover. We'll see what 2008 may bring...maybe i'll register for Philly instead or out of the whim; the 60K.

Lastly, I gotta' give a shout-out to Bonnie who also ran the 60K. It was also pretty amazing for her to run a marathon and then the 60K. Man, and I thought I was the only psycho racing two marathons and a 60K, mad props to Bonnie- the ironwoman TRD.

11/22/07 - Turkey Trot 5 Miler

Final Time: 33:01
Pace: 6:36
Rank: 60/1156

It probably wasn't a good idea to run a 5 mile race right after the 60K. However, I felt pretty good the day before the race and decided to register for it. Surprisingly before the race, i saw two TRDers (Christian and Wendi). It's great to see other TRDers trekking to Brooklyn in the wee early hours of the morning!

I was planning to run a easy 7:30 pace, however, my competitive nature got the best of me as I was hitting 6:30s and 6:40s per mile. Although I couldn't beat my Poland Spring PR, I was happy with the result knowing the fact that I wasn't 100% recovered. This is definitely a perfect 5 mile course to PR in. Hence, I'm planning on putting this race into my calendar for 2008.

12/1/07 - Hot Chocolate 15K

Final Time: 1:03:27 (PR)
Pace: 6:49
Rank: 166/4751
Age Grade: 64.8%
Splits: 7:10 / 6:42 / 6:44 / 6:52 / 6:39 / 6:50 / 6:44 / 6:52 / 6:44 /???

Although I was planning to recover for the rest of the week to focus on the Holiday 4 Miler, I wanted to race the 15K. Actually, I wanted to destroy my previous time! I was glad I left early for the TRD Holiday party @ Gin Mill with one jack and coke for the nite.

In 2005, this was my first "long distance" run with a 1:10 / 7:34 time. This was one of the turning point of all races where I decided to branch out of the 4-5 mile comfort zone and aim for the 9 and 13 milers. For the past few months, I've been happy with my results and just feeling a lot stronger than before. Hence, I was pretty confident of PR'ing for this race.

My goal for this race was to set a sub 7 pace and not surprisingly, I was pretty pissed with the clusterphuck on the start. Anyway, I paced with Etzuko of CPTC for the first 3 miles then trailed behind a KRRC'er as I passed Tommy on mile 4.5. Upon one of the hills, Kieran passed me on mile 5-6 and lost sight of him on mile 7.5.

The final time was 1:03:27 and yup...I was ecstatic. Now I can drink up for the rest of the nite. Most importantly, I have to thank my coach Jud, for giving me constructive advice lately. You are the best!!!!

Hmmmm....maybe I should've asked for her digits.... ;)

New York Knicks vs Golden State Warriors
Gotta' represent the Knicks....however the result was an embarrassing 108-82 thrashing with sloppy turnovers.

New York Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks
As much as I wanted the Knicks to lose so Isiah can get fired, tarred and feathered, I was secretly rooting for the Knicks...awesome game (91-88) and just enough time to make it to the TRD holiday party @ Gin Mill with a smile without looking dejected (huge thx for the pics from Cliff and Kate)

Oyster Bay
Few weeks ago after the Knickerbocker, we drove to Oyster Bay; another way to get away from the bustling city...

Barolo, Agozar and B Bar
Celebrated my 28th birthday a few weeks earlier due to impending holidays. I wanted a chill b'day hence we had drinks at my place, dinner at Barolo and more drinks at Agozar and B Bar. Part deux of the celebration will continue next week...friends from North Carolina and Albany are coming over!!! Holla!



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