Sunday, November 11, 2007

Akko's B'day, B's Homecoming & A Speeding Ticket

Akko's B'day @ Fat Black Pussycat

Met up with baldy for $1 pints @ the Underground and off to celebrate w/ Aki afterwards...happy 21st! You are finally legal! ;)

We continued to celebrate Akko's bday as we visited Anchi in Claverack, Hudson County...rabbit meat...mmm! Then we checked out the local area around hudson. There happens to be plenty of antique shops, farmers market and yes, I found another fan of the National...he happens to be our server at the Mexican restaurant!

B's Homecoming @ Churriascaria Plataforma

In 2003, it was $40 a pop, then 2005 it was $49 a $ opted to celebrate with our expatriate from Tokyo for Brazilian Bbq in HK instead of the stuffy Tribeca. Before B departed the next day, he did mention running the NYC marathon (He ran a 3:42 in Tokyo).

Whenever there's a high, there's always going to be a low. Today while driving to Anchi's place, I have reached a new low. My impeccable 10 year driving history has been tainted, and cherry-popped by Traffic Officer Gill. Yes, this was my first speeding ticket and damn was I pissed. I happened to see the cop car on the left side of the Taconic, hence i slowed down and passed him. Two minutes later, he tailgates me and had me stopped on the right side of the highway shoulder. He literally told me I was driving 76 on a 55. Of course, I wouldn't argue with the officer and anything that I say would be used against me in the court of law. Quite frankly, I truly believed that I was caught as a luck of the draw. Call it russian roulette or whatevers, but there were a bunch of cars driving faster than 80. But the law is the law and I did go over the limit. I will pay the fine but, I would like to have a plea bargain, voice my opinion and try to diminish the effect on my car insurance. Literally that is 6 points...thank you Officer Gill for de-virginizin' my driving history and thank you for helping me achieve a new low. Once again my moniker will remain the same as I'm totally the shyt magnet. Eff me!!!!!

Check out the pic above. Anyone that can live and sleep under those conditions is beyond me. It happens to be one of Anchi's roommates; and Anchi is the cleanest person alive...she'll Tanner-ize everything! And yes, if you look closer, there's a jar of peanut butter...Eff Me!



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