Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers....

We opted to sell the Maroon 5 tickets for a nice profit last nite. The ad for the pair of tix was posted in Craigslist for $260. Fortunately we got a response from a kid from Long Island and made the exchange outside of MSG. We actually had to walk these kids to the ticket scanner to ensure that these tix were legit.

The countdown to three straight nights of National begins......NOW!

*Some running news- I will be running the Staten Island Half in order get my free dri-fit shirt from the Grand Prix series and fulfill my 9 race requirement! Two days ago, my friend K forced me to run the central park loop in 41:27; (44:30-46 is my usual time). Heck, it was supposed to be a leisure run, but then we started getting a bit competitive after coming down on Harlem Hill. Eff me!



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