Saturday, October 06, 2007

Grete's Gallop: 1:32:43 / 7:04

Final Time: 1:32:43
Pace: 7:04
Rank: 216/3720
Age Grade: 63.8%

IMHO- this was the ideal weather conditions for a race. Met up with wong and k for a bit then saw several dogs (madlou, kate, j, ir, dwork) at the start. I originally wasn't planning to race it but after feeling pretty good after mile 2, I decided to kick it up a notch. I basically paced with wongster for the first mile and a half. After mile 3, I wanted to go head to head with K but couldn't keep up with his pace after mile 4. Nevertheless, I felt great after the race and posted a similar result to the Queens Half. I'm thinking of running the Staten Island next week to get my grand prix is going to be tough 'cus I'll be up pretty late in Williamsburg for The National.

One more thing, upon walking back to my apartment, my block was a crime scene. From what I heard, there was this psychotic douchebag who used a kitchen knife and started slashing at innocent pedestrians. This is so phucked up.....



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