Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007 18 Miler Tuneup - 2:10:57 / 7:16

Final Time: 2:10:57 (PR)
Pace: 7:16
Rank: 195/3523
Age Grade: N/A

After today I'm definitely running this year's NYC marathon. For the first time since the Long Training Run #1 (16 mile), I felt great. Told baldy and wongster that I wasn't planning to race it, but truth is, I wanted to kill my last year's 2:15 time.

I was very proud of myself for being extra prudent on my alcohol intake on saturday nite...just ONE Negro Modello! In addition, I think I did a pretty job carbing up since Wednesday.

Basically, I was a nervous wreck before the race because my left ankle (the same side where I sprained it on '06 NYC 'thon) was still sore (after days of icy-hot). Hence I went to the medical team and asked for some taping and tylenol...The medical unit guy uttered: "no drugs and don't do anything new before the should take your cho-pat off too to release the pressure towards your ankle". Oh well, as much as it sucked, I took off my cho-pat and (gulp) no tylenol. Hence, there's one lesson learned...take a Tylenol before the race.

I clocked the first mile at exactly 8:00...but after that, the majority was sub 7:25s. From miles 2 through 10 I trailed behind my buddy wongster (2:08). I knew if i could see him from afar, I'll be ok for the first two loops. I did kick it up a notch when a TRD member (pope - 2:05) zoomed past me on mile 6-7 going down on Harlem on the 2nd loop. On the third loop, i felt a little stiffness on my right hamstring, but I kept going and paced with a NY Flyer. On mile 15, a random runner who become my camaraderie told me to pick up the pace finish strong...hence I did. We basically ran head to head till the end. A huge thanks to that runner since I was able to clock my last mile at 6:52. Looking back, despite some disappointments on the halves (NYC, Manhattan, Bronx) I'm just happy to add another PR (over 4 minutes) on a race this year.

Other notes:

-I finally got tix to see The National at Willyburg!!! Pretty stoke to see them at the Music Hall...heard it is an awesome venue!
-I'm thinking of selling my Maroon 5 tickets...I think they kinda suck now
-Saw Valley of Elah this weekend...I thought Tommy Lee and Charlize were good in the movie, but overall it was mediocre. "Into the Wild" is still number one in my book!
-For the 2nd time in 2 years, I finally ran on the East River course and did a couple of mile with baldy on the East 6th Track...Total Mileage: 6.5
-Norwegian Half is probably going to be my last run before the marathon and there's a possibility my mom may run the 1.7 miler.
-Headed to Williamsburg Music Hall to check out the band: Twilight Sad....found a bar (Anytime) to hang which has The Smiths on heavy rotation as well as $1 Pabst on Sunday Nites.

Upcoming Concerts:
10/10- Maroon 5 @ MSG
10/11- The National @ Terminal 5
10/12- The National @ Williamsburg Music Hall
10/13- The National @ Williamsburg Music Hall
10/23- Morrissey @ Hammerstein
10/26- Morrissey @ Hammerstein
11/1- Rogue Wave @ Bowery Ballroom
11/5- Dashboard Confessional @ Webster Hall



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