Sunday, August 05, 2007

NYC Half Marathon - 1:36:43 / 7:22

Final Time: 1:36:43
Pace: 7:22
5K Split: 22:04
10K Split: 44:34
15K Split: 1:07:19
20K Split: 1:31:56
Rank: 862/9920
Age Grade: 61.2%

If there was one race I really wanted to perform well on, the NYC Half would be the one. Certainly today was not my day and it was not a great time. As a serious head-case, mentally- I just didn't have it. For a flat course and perfect weather conditions, I was expecting a better result. I didn't have the drive like last year's half or my legs didn't have the kick or the energy after mile 8 and so on. Maybe I should not have scheduled back to back half marathons. I mean, I've done it last year with the Queens and Long Island so I figured it should not be a problem. Another thing to think about is to get my arse back into the Speed sessions. Also, like what I usually do on other races, I didn't play the game of picking and passing the runner in front of me or pacing with a target runner. I guess I will have to take some time to evaluate the inconsistencies on my race results and most importantly, what I need to do better. Truth be told, I completely fell apart on this race, however I think these are things I have to experience to get myself back on track - hopefully get myself together for the NYC Marathon.

I also noticed DK (TRD) stopping for bit on mile 6 and Mugno (TRD) not listed on the team results; I really hope both of them are Ok.

Next week is dreadful...The long training run. Should I do it?



Blogger nyflygirl said...

Going into "lecturing mode" for a few...

* you were able to race Queens/LI back to back last year, but SF was a completely different race, terrain-wise from Queens, and needs more recovery. So keep that in mind, you were probably still recovering from that race...

* and on that note, if the NYC half was really your goal, then SF should have just been taken easy, as a training run.

* yes, do the LTR next week. You still need a long run for the marathon. But just remember it is not a race, drop back into a slower pace group if you need that to keep yourself honest, and if you need to stop after 16 miles (or less), do so.

OK, lecture over!! Good job today. :)

6:46 PM  
Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Back to back halfs? I think that may have done it:)

Don't be such a stranger and come on back to some of our TRD runs:)

8:26 PM  

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