Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th

We spent the July 4th festivities at my rooftop. With drinks and shots, we were literally effed. Also, the fact that we all have to work the next day really sucks. While watching the fireworks on the rooftop, gf and I got invited to a random party in the penthouse of our building. We thought of the alcohol and snacks; as a result we basically said "hellz yeah...we are in!" Good times....good times!.... Well this definitely makes us feel better from the postponed Morrissey Concerts (PHILLY, MSG and now PNC ARTS CENTER!)..... :(

Anchi's Birthday @ Mama Mexico-

The Sigma Epsilon class took Anchi out for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Anchi!

As for running news, I'm averaging around 32-36 miles a week. Thankfully knees feel fine so I'm going to continue this regimen till the NYC marathon. Most importantly I have to keep myself healthy - hence I'll be MIA for my team's speed sessions. I know it could be a bad thing, however I tend to push a little too hard and end up with hamstring strains and loose ankles. Part of me wants to participate in Speed, however with baldy during the speed sessions, makes me work a lot harder and brings the competitive side in me. Although it is not all about competition, but trying to keep up with him really makes me a better runner. Who knows....maybe I'll just randomly show up at a speed session!!!!!! :)

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Blogger Josh said...

Nice view of the fireworks...

Good luck with the training and mileage.

2:46 PM  

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