Sunday, June 17, 2007

WABC Father's Day 5 Miler: 33:16 / 6:39


Net Time: 33:16 (PR)
Pace: 6:39
Rank: 333/4993
Age Grade: 64.1%

In the beginning of 2007, I vow to never race another 3-6 miler. I just favor the long distances (over 15Ks and up) a lot more because it takes awhile for me to get into the groove. In addition, if I'm going to haul my ass to Central Park or anywhere else, I would prefer to run a little longer. But for the shorter distances, it's just a different ballgame. It is hard to make up for the seconds lost as a result, I find myself struggling in the beginning because I have to push myself a little harder.

Pacing with Anchi of TRD during Japan day was the catalyst that spurred me into signing up for this race. Just running on that race made me realized how much I miss the competition for the shorter distances. In addition, now that my dad's in full recovery....i felt like...what the heck, it's Father's Day!

I came into this race with no expectations of a PR. To steer clear of any disappointments, I kept telling myself that if I finish around 34 minutes; I should be satisfied. However,I still want to do well competitively. Hence, on Thursday I didn't run with my team but decided to gain some course familiarity (first half with Jun of CPTC). It really eased some of my nerves by running that course; hence afterwards I had to relax with some Chimays and Leffes @ the Ginger Man w/ my buddies.

So this morning, wongster and I headed up to the park around 8am. I think it was the perfect day to run because I favor the heat. I figured it would've been better if it was in the high 70s to 80s (circa 2006 Bronx). :)

Anyway so interestingly enough, while waiting on line for the porter potties, I accidentally opened the door where someone was still on it. I felt like a complete asshole, but it really wasn't my fault that she forgot to lock the door right?!?!?! Oh shit, I've digressed...

Way to start off the mood before the race Moz.....Even though I was familiar with the course, I was more nervous than usual. I mean, I haven't ran a 5 miler since the Club Champs so I kept telling myself that it is ok if my goal time does not work out. However, in the back of my head, I really, really wanted to do well.

I lined up on the 6 minute/mile marker and I couldn't spot any dawgs. As the gun went off, I couldnt believe why so many people were bunched up on such a narrow road. I was majorly pissed when I couldn't get through the "CLUSTERPHUCK" or even get my groove on for the first quarter-mile.... Now i completely understood what nyflygirl and uptown means by "clusterPHuck"...and that people were complaining over that fact on the message board.

I think it was a little before or after one mile where I finally spotted my teammates, BigIr and Tom. I have to say that first mile was tough. Weaving through the bottleneck and the fact that some people just jogging leisurely made me work a little harder to get through this shyt! I was basically mumbling expletives for the first 6 minutes. I just knew if this continues, I'm pretty much going to stand by my moniker of being the shyt magnet as I am totally screwed from hitting on my goal time.

Luckily by mile two, i spotted a Harrier (Ken) and barry. They were going on a pretty good pace and I know if I could spot them from afar, I'll be fine and that's what I did.

I felt good from miles 2 through 4 and paced with a Los Compadres the last .75 mile, Tom and I exchanged passes at each other and in the end I couldn't hold on and Tom kicked on the nitro and sailed to finish. As I was struggling some runner motivated me to "finish strong"....whoever you are, thanks I needed that!

I was a little surprised when the results were posted because I knew barry and tom passed me. I guess they count the rankings by net time. But what even surprised me more was the fact that I PR'ed. After the finish, I chatted with Barb of TRD and met up with the Dogs (Ir, Dima, Scott, Conger, Barry) for a bit before grabbing my shyt on baggage.

I'm pretty happy that I was able to pull off a good time despite the early disappointments this year. Most importantly, it feels pretty good to knock this monkey off my back and focus on the upcoming half marathons for this year. I believe this was a pretty strong showing for TRD. I haven't seen as much as 8 sub 6 showings in awhile --- gotta be the Wednesday workout by coach eh? :) Overall, congrats to my team and drink up.

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Sempre Libera said...

Nice showing out there, indeed! And a double congrats are in order on the PR -- with these crowds, it's getting harder and harder to run a good race in CP.

8:17 AM  
Blogger LANYTransplant said...

Good job on your PR for this race!

11:58 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

great job!! definitely was not a PR-friendly day...only you can beat those odds :)

11:26 AM  
Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Nice PR, especially given the conditions!

3:35 AM  

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