Friday, April 20, 2007

M O R R I S S E Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, today was a stressful day. I feel like I have grown a few grey hairs within a span of ten minutes. This morning, we were glued to our laptops to purchase Morrissey tickets @ MSG and PNC Arts Center. Since these tickets are onsale at the same time, Sang (PNC) and I (MSG) collaborated to divide and conquer!!!!!

Once the presale tickets were released by 10am, I tried to purchase 3. After the queue, it stated "tickets are not available". I freaked out and called her; which by the way didn't help at all as she was panicking too!!!!!! So out of the blue, we decided to take a risk and purchase the tickets one by one. Yes, it worked. For MSG, I was able to score General Admission Standing tickets for the first two tries. The third was less fortunate as it was seated. However, I had to purchase it because I knew how much morrissey meant to Akko too. A minute later, I entertained the idea of trying for the standing room again, and boy was I lucky.....I scored another General Admission Standing Ticket. Hence we are all set for MSG as June 30th will be an awesome nite. Since it is a saturday...pregaming before the concert wouldn't be a bad idea. Furthermore, we also scored the Morrissey afterparty at BB KING!!!!

As for that extra ticket...I'm probably gonna ebay/craiglist it. By the way it is on the floor section 6, row F and seat 11. Anyone interested?

As for PNC Arts, we were less fortunate. Sang couldn't score the floor section. But hey, in life you win and lose some. At least we got the standing room section at MSG!!!!!! Anyway, after purchasing the tickets, we wondered if seeing Morrissey 3 times will make us depressed and slit our wrists! (J/K!!!)

Upcoming Concerts:
(sucks that we are gonna miss the Killers and Bjork--- PHUCK!)

5/10- The Kooks @ Irving Plaza
5/15- Duncan Sheik @ Concert Hall West 64
5/30- Keane and Rocco Deluca @ Rumsey Park (Central Park)
6/29- Morrissey @ Philly Mann Center
6/30- Morrissey @ MSG
7/6- Morrissey @ PNC Arts Center

*Running news- Next up is Healthy Kidney 10K. Not a big fan of 3-6 miles, but oh well- i'll try my very best; most importantly not to injure myself.

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Blogger V said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. I just bought my ticket today and managed a Section 7 seating on the floor! Not bad. I thought I was going to end up way up there cause I missed out ont he pre-sales.

Have a good time!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

yeah - im trying to sell my section 6 ticket. the Presales for Amex are pretty insane-

5:30 PM  

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