Sunday, March 25, 2007

Snow Patrol & John's Bday @ Manahatta & Crime Scene

Once again, Snow Patrol rocked the house down. OK GO! was the better opening act, since the first performer truly sucked. Hence we spent that time chugging down the buds instead. I thought the MSG Theater was a better venue than Roseland as there was more crowd control on the floor section. After the concert, we headed for more drinks at an irish pub on 7th ave. And no shit sherlock, they were playing Snow Patrol the whole night!

Here's the setlist:

Spitting Games
It's Beginning to Get to Me
How to Be Dead
Grazed Knees
Chasing Cars
Shut Your Eyes
Set the Fire to the Third Bar
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
Make this Go on Forever
Ways and Means
You're All I Have
Finish Line
Open Your Eyes
Hands Open

Birthday Drinks with John at Manahatta and Crime Scene...I was fortunate to have my buddies drag me out for some drinks, despite all the shyt that has been going on.

Hmmmm....and what else? I've signed up for the Brooklyn Half on 4/14 and gained guaranteed entry to the NYC half. We scored Keane Tickets in Rumsey Park on 5/30 and will be on a lookout for Morrissey tickets for Philly, The Garden, PNC Arts and quite possibly the Borgata.

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Josh said...

Rock on

I'll see you in Brooklyn.

7:33 PM  

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