Monday, March 05, 2007

Out Of Office Reply: Puerto Rico/VI Hiatus

Counting down four more days, we'll be in Puerto Rico and US/UK Virgin Islands from 3/9-3/16. Although the trip was booked 3 months in advance, I spent part of last week contemplating on whether I should cancel the trip due to recent events. After some careful thoughts, I'll use this break to rejuvenate and be ready for the coming weeks.....

After taking the morning departure on 3/16 in San Juan, I'll be at the Pete Yorn Show (3/16 6:45 at the Roseland) and on 3/17......get ready for this.........MORRISSEY TICKETS for his North American tour will go on sale!!!!!!! After purchasing the tix (keeping fingers crossed), it will be another nite of drinking at random irish pubs for Saint Patricks!

Other notes:

  • Recently became an uncle this weekend. I was supposed to go drinking that friday nite by working our way up to Dive Bar for Kate's Bday, but had to nix it since my sis was in Beth Israel. Niece Tiffany weighed in at 5lb and 2 oz (gonna upload the pics soon)
  • Met Jay-Z and Jason Kidd at the Spotted Pig. I shook their damn hands!
  • Came back to the Speed workouts last wednesday. I was happy with my performance, but I still got a long way to go. I trailed behind Coach and baldy through the transverse, but my legs felt fine. It was definitely good to see a bunch of familiar faces (baldy, bigir, weezy, silke, uptown, bigapple). Then on Saturday met up with dogs for the morning run. I paced with Cliff then coach came through at halfway on the run. I was definitely glad to be back running with them.
  • Hopped around Boqueria, Blue Ribbon Bar (Sucked), Mas and Morandi for drinks. We'll most likely be back at Morandi....a really cool scene like Pastis. Friggin' McNally............
  • Was pretty down for the past few weeks due to recent events. I have to realize that life is always hard and challenging. If life was so easy, then what is the point of living? There's always trials and tribulations in life and we just have to endure each obstacle to become stronger. Sounds cliche, but what the heck...... I am optimistic and confident that he'll successfully fight through this and become healthier than before. Must stay positive.
  • Still debating whether I should do the Half instead of the Full for Long Island....I don't really feel ready for it yet. For the past few weeks I've only logged in around 30-36 miles per week. I'll see in a few weeks; till then I'm definitely running the Brooklyn Half and quite possibly the Scotland 10K....
  • Morrissey Tickets on March 17th......NYC, Philly, CT or Dirrrrty Joizzzey...heck I'll even trek as far as Camden....who gives.....I'm getting those friggin' tickets. I swear those mofo scalpers better not block the queue in ticketmaster.
  • Who effing likes Olive Oil ice cream? It's pretty damn good
  • Will upload a bunch of pics after the 17th.
  • Blue October's "Foiled" and Bjork's "Volte" will be on my future CD hit list.
  • Will have to check out "THE INN" a new gastropub on Little West 12 and 9th Ave.
  • Need to think of a road-trip since I need to put my car into good use. It's a 2003 4Runner with only 15K miles. Maybe I should've thought about it twice before making it my first big purchase right after college.....Pretty sad right? On hindsight, since it's already financed, there's no reason to sell it.....It's right there parked on my dad's driveway in Queenz. Maine Lobster Festival......Foxfields with the UVA crowd or Nashville for the Country Music Festival perhaps?
  • I can not stand Justin Timberlake....he's a douchebag

Recent Ipod Playlist:
1. #41- Dave Matthews Band
2. Forgiveness - Wamdue Project
3. Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
4. Pluto - Bjork
5. My Vicarious Bliss - Duncan Sheik
6. Letting The Cables Sleep - Bush
7. Colors - Amos Lee
8. Vamprye - Pete Yorn
9. Stuck In The Moment... - U2
10. Shine - Collective Soul
11. National Disco Front - Morrissey
12. That's Entertainment - Morrissey
13. Tomorrow - Morrissey
14. Speedway - Morrissey
15. Roy's Keen - Morrissey
16. Suedehead (Sparx Mix)- Morrissey
17. On The Streets I Ran - Morrissey
18. At Last I'm Born - Morrissey
19. Friday Mourning - Morrissey
20. You Have Killed Me - Morrissey

Aloha and Cheers,


Blogger Sempre Libera said...

Have fun on your trip!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Faithful Soles said...

Moz, have fun on the trip. As for the previous post, great job on the half-marathon.

On a side note, thanks again for linking to our Blog Database on the main Faithful Soles web site. We now have bloggers from 37 states in the USA and 20 other countries. I look forward to reading about your trip.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

congrats on becoming an uncle! And on meeting Jay Z.

Have a great trip... Putting the out of office message on is a great thing!

6:16 AM  

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