Monday, March 19, 2007

Back To Civilization

The Puerto Rico/VI vacation was definitely a blast and I'm glad I used this time to get my mind off of a lot of things. Yet, I realized I was back into civilization by Saturday 3am. On my last day (thursday) at San Juan, we decided to go out drinking till 130am so I can get a hangover from my 630am flight to San Juan connecting to Fort Lauderdale.

All went well until the majority of the flights were cancelled from Fort Lauderdale to the NorthEast. Supposedly rebooked my flight twice and until I found out that my last flight was cancelled and can only arrive in NYC till Tuesday, I had think of something quick to get back to NYC.

Booking at other airlines was definitely out of the question, so desperate calls for desperate measures in which i decided to take the Amtrak or *gulp* Greyhound....I dashed out of the airport and rode the Hilton Shuttle. Luckily the Hilton frontdesk was understanding to my dire situation and let me use the net to book the ride back to NYC. First I tried to book Amtrak, unfortunately the 2nd connection from DC to NYC was full so I shifted over to Greyhound as my last resort. It was 2:45pm and the next bus leaves at 4pm. Without thinking of the duration of the ride (FRIGGIN' 33hours), I booked the ride, hopped on a taxi and headed to the station. For once, I felt like I was in the Amazing Race.

I thought about my options, believe it or not, I seriously contemplated on taking the Tuesday Flight, however, most of the hotels are booked up and I really want to get home asap. I missed the Pete Yorn Concert (shit!) already, and I wanted to make the best out of the situation. However, it is difficult to stay positive when you are basically stuck with a cranky crowd in a pretty ghetto situation. Man, I have to say people from the Fayettville, Orlando, Fort Pierce, Savannah stations were just damn rude...worse than New Yorkers ;) Fortunately I was able to meet two really cool people (Vanessa and Moses) who stuck it out with me throughout the trip. Both are around my age and we literally just looked out for each other since we were all going to the same way.

I slept through most of the bus ride and judiciously text-messaged. 33 hours....33 friggin hours....It was definitely a humbling experience; grueling on your body...the unsanitary conditions on the connection stations, the cranky people with their ghetto-tude, a dumbass smoking in the bathroom of the bus, the 1-2 hour layovers and the greasy foods served at the am I glad to be back in NYC!

But damn....AGAIN...I missed the Pete Yorn concert....that severely blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, there's a Snow Patrol on 3/26, Rocca Deluca/The Feeling/Mat Kearney 4/11 and The Kooks 5/10.

MORRISSEY tickets go on sale on 3/31 and I'll post some pics later -

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger mike. said...

Welcome home.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

you know what? on hindsight I shouldve booked the flight from fort lauderdale to DC and take the BUS from there! that would SAVE SO MUCH MORE TIME....totally didnt think of that!

11:16 AM  

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