Monday, January 22, 2007

Manhattan Half Marathon - 1:44:55

In order to assess my fitness, I ran the Manhattan Half Marathon on a chilly Sunday morning. This was a total wake-up call. The final result: 1:44:55, 8:00 pace. Granted it was the first race of the year, but compared to the past half marathons, this was by far the worse.

Throughout the race, I felt good in the beginning and especially since clocking 57-58 on the 8th mile. After mile 9, everything sort of went downhill as I had to stop and walk with a sharp pain on my left knee. I'm pretty sure it had to do with the iliotibial band, but will check with the doc to make sure.

On hindsight, maybe I didn't have the discipline or the adequate training for the half marathon. And after not racing for 2.5 months, I guess this was one of the consequences.

So for this year I'm anticipating on running the The Long Island Marathon, San Francisco Half (7/29) and the NYC Half (8/5). This should keep me motivated and getting more serious with training.

Not a good start of the year. Hopefully the Bronx will be some form of redemption....or maybe it'll be too soon to run it? But hey shit happens as I'll re-evaluate my running regimen in a few days -

Hmmm and what else....booked airfare to San Francisco for Late July and Cancun in mid-August....imbibed on Aussie beers at the Sunburnt Cow in East Village Friday-Prem-on thai, dublin6 and white horse tavern on Saturday- reservoir and red bamboo (mock-meat....who eats that stuff!?!?!) as well as Babel (a pretty depressing movie) on Sunday.

As for next week, I'll be offsite with my, LONG ISLAND. From all of the places, it had to be in long island.....EFF!

More running news - the NYRR race calendar is up and running! Here's my tentative '07 schedule-

1/21 - Manhattan Half Marathon
2/11 - Bronx Half Marathon
4/1 - Scotland 10K
4/14 - Brooklyn Half Marathon
5/6 - Long Island Marathon
5/19 - Healthy Kidney 10K
6/17 - Father's Day 5 Miler
7/29 - San Francisco Half Marathon
8/5 - NYC Half Marathon
10/6 - Grete's Gallop
11/4 - NYC Marathon
12/9 - Kleinerman 10K

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Sometimes you need a little kick to get in gear again. Looking at your schedule, I don't see the Club Champs on there:-p

Have fun on Long Island:-p Better than the time I had to spend a week in Harrisburg, PA. Oi.

4:11 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

yea...I wanted to do the club champs, but will be in cancun during that week ;)

6:35 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

get your knee checked out and don't ramp the training up too quickly.

8:34 AM  

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