Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Recap 11/12

First off, for the readers and friends, thank you for all the kind words. It was much needed as it was literally the prime motivation to get better. After a week, the swelling on my left foot is gone! I can finally see the metatarsals and veins on my foot! Although the swelling was gone, there's still remnants of pain, so painkillers is my new best friend. Thank you painkillers! Thank you tylenol! I'll be resting for another week and slowly rebuild my mileage.

Did a shitload during the weekend:

Brooklyn Museum- This was the first time I've been into Park Slope. She suggested to check out the museum for the Ann Leibowitz (sp?) exhibit . I never was a fan of museums till now. The moment I stepped out of the museum I felt like I was in a different world. I don't know why I felt that way, I must have been inspired. No effin' way!

So we made reservations to this Japanese brasserie called Zenkichi in Willyburg. Getting there was a major bitch mainly because the 2/3 does not go there, so we had to step off at the Nostrand stop and transfer to the bus. Once we got off, we were walking on Nostrand Ave and then I asked, "where exactly are we?" She whipped out the map and whispered...."Crown Heights....". My reaction was "...holy can't possibly be because this looks like a nice part of the town." Anyway, we walked pretty quick to get to the bus stop on St Johns.

Roebling Tea House- The moment we got out of the bus on the last stop, we stopped at Roebling tea house for some coffee. That was essential after the 3 hours of sleep from Akko's libation the day before. Hence, that is why I looked like shit.

Zenkichi- The food was definitely different and more of a hit or miss. The highs: the uni omellete and the low: avocado shrimp sashimi. For 8-10 bucks, all we got was one measly shrimp. What the phuck? Although the food was average, the ambiance was very zen-like as I felt like I was eating in a bamboo forest or some shit like that.

Kyotofu- We then headed out to shoot pool at Slate plus where we were hitting right next to a bunch of annoying and obnoxious fockers from dirty jersey (no offense). Why are they so easy to spot!?!?!?! After pool, we went to a Japanese dessert bar Kyotofu in Hells Kitchen. The dessert was overhyped and the experience was definitely lackluster. For the price you were paying, the portions were small and *gulp* there was no ice cream! Additionally, the ambiance was extremely claustrophobic; I couldn't believe how small the place was. In the end, the bill came out to more than Zenkichi; and that was only dessert and wine! Afterwards, we were discussing about the food and concluded that this could possibly be a vegan dessert bar. Hence if you are vegan, this could be the place for you.....not me :)

Agave- On Friday, the entourage celebrated Akko's bday at Agave for some southwestern flair. I literally work 5 minutes from there and was surprised to see how awesome this joint was! And hey, there's a HUGE selection of tequila! You can't possibly go wrong with that!!!

La Caverna- We continued the celebration at La Caverna in the Lower East Side. All I have to say is I drank a little too much and ended up wasting away the lobster quesadilla from Agave. I have nothing to say but to place the blame on Sangie because she was the one that pressured me into downing tequila shots; thanks a lot... HAHAHAHHAHAHA I'm such a village idiot - Phuck me!

One more thing, I am extremely fed up with Time Warner Cable. I had no service OR interet connection for at least a day and a half.

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Josh said...

Glad to hear your getting better.

Have you been running at all lately?

7:32 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

Yeah almost better, I am going to start running next week! That's my goal....been doing lots of cross-training, but it is just not the same!

2:31 PM  

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