Thursday, October 19, 2006

Skye & Chris Garneau and then some

After the breakup of Morcheeba, I finally got to meet Skye, the frontwoman of Morcheeba. I have to admit, I felt the jitters meeting her - luckily my buddy broke the ice for me. When it was my time to greet her, I responded with the most retarded and banal phrase "I am a huge fan of you". How creative Moz.....Could I have come up with something better than that?!?!?! 'DOH!' In the end, it was fine as she was extremely affable and endearing to her fans.

I was a pretty excited on her solo effort as I was expecting a different sound. Her new stuff is a lot more ambient and more vocally focused - which by the way is amazing.

Skye put on a short acoustic set @ The Living Room in the Lower East Side. An awesome performance given the fact it was a small and intimate setting

Skye Setlist:

No Other
Stop Complaining
Blindfold (Morcheeba)
Love Show
Tell Me About Your Day
Over and Over (Morcheeba)
Jamaica Days

A week before, we went to see Chris Garneau @ Joe's Pub near Cooper Square and Astor. Although this was the second time seeing him (re: Living Room), she was more of a fan of Chris than I am. Another incentive for me being there is to hear his new material as his CD was produced by Duncan Sheik.

The show opened up with Gregory and the Hawk who sounded like another predescessor of Rosie Thomas. Yeah, I am a huge fan of Duncan, although produced by him, I find Chris' voice extremely whiny and I found myself enjoying my jack daniels, pepperidge farms' goldfish crackers and a Beard Papa cream puff instead. However, the fact that Chris covered Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars" (my other favorite artists during my college days) was probably the only redeeming factor that nite.

As for music for this month, I can't stop raving over the Killer's Sam's Town album. Sure everyone is comparing this to Hot Fuss, but I enjoyed this more. This album is more of a "grower". Basically, when I first heard it, my initial reaction was, "what effed up sh1t is this?!?!?". But after 3-4 listens, damn, the track list in this album is pretty darn cohesive, awesome guitar riffs and chorus is definitely pseudo-Springsteen-like. Favorite tracks: "Bling" (the best track in my opinion), "The River Is Wild", "Uncle Johnny", "When You Were Young" and "Why Do I Keep Counting".

Then there's the Fray "How To Save A Life". A very solid album as the music is a striking resemblance to Coldplay, Travis and Five For Fighting. Basically, I can't wait to see them on 10/25 at the Hammerstein and as an extra bonus, the FEELING is opening up for them. I have to hear what the fuss is about this opening act as my cousins from the UK are raving about them. Favorite Tracks: "How To Save A Life", "Heaven Forbid", "Vienna", "She Is" and "Look After You".

Running News: Damn, I can't believe the NYC marathon is in 15 days. With all the anticipation and sharp soreness on my right hamstring, I just hope I don't eff it up. I am seriously thinking of doing no running but light stretching for one week before the marathon. Also, early plans on doing the Saturday morning group run as well as the "Last Ten" with Toby Tanser this weekend, may in fact be doubtful as I want my hamstring to be 100% for the race.

Quite frankly, friends and families have been calling me Castro or Stalin or any dictator in the book as I have drafted up an email pinpointing where and when to cheer for me and to hand me any goodies for mile markers 4, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22 and 23. I'm such an arse haha

I do have a goal time in mind. I'm thinking along the lines of 3:20-3:30. If it doesn't happen, shit happens right? There's plenty of marathons and I want to savor every moment of this monumental experience.

Heck, my first effing marathon...a few months ago, I never thought of running it. The feeling is too surreal....

Other marathon news: I have signed up for Tokyo (February 2007) and London (April 2007). I haven't received a response from Tokyo, but for London, the registration process is a total bitch. This is the process, from AB's (my teammate) exact verbiage:

"(1) you mail in your self addressed envelope and two int'l reply coupons to them (2) they mail you back the 'official entry form' (3) you fill out the entry form and mail it back in to them (by Oct 20) and (4) they mail you something back in early Dec (I think) either saying yay, you're running it! or sorry, you've been rejected (which I think it much more likely)."

Basically, there is NO online form, which I find is absurd. But given by UK standards, I guess it is ok :) Still awaiting to hear from Tokyo....

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Josh said...

Moz that is an awesome time for a 1st marathon!

Good luck. I will look for you out there and pace with you.

BTW - do you work in the music biz?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Morrissey!!!!

I remember that night with Skye! She is ready to release her 2nd solo album produced by the guy who worked on Grace Jones' upcoming CD! ^-^


10:15 AM  

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