Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Fray, The Feeling, Taste of Lexus and Then Some....

Although a short setlist, the Fray put on an awesome show @ the Hammerstein Ballroom. The Feeling was the opening act. They were pretty good actually; I have been wanting to see them live from the rave reviews given by my UK cousins. Likewise, the Fray totally rocked and reminded me of Coldplay back @ Nassau.

I have to say the crowd were mostly from the likes of Long Island. Trust me, I have a pretty good Long Island, Joizzzzey or BT radar haha. To put things into perspective, I can't believe how obnoxious college kids are these days. They would literally form a lemming-like chain and push through the crowd in order to gain entry into the front. OT and I weren't having any of that BS, hence we stood there and refused to let them through. Then they started to use a common tactic to get into the front. The college sophomore look-alike was screaming for her so-called imaginary brother and started to push again. Nice try dumbass- can you be more creative? Ok, simmer down moz, kids will be kids. Once they pushed OT for the third time, the tourettes button was triggered, with a beer on my hand, I yelled: "WHAT THE PHUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?" After that we were able to enjoy the concert with some peace. Whew-

Anyway, other things happened as one old focker fainted just before the encore. Furthermore, a fight broke out involving two retards. Come on already, this is a Fray concert and they were doing an acoustic set. This isn't Lollapooza; so there's no need for physical violence. By the way, thanks for providing some entertainment, at least you made yourselves look pretty stupid...

-Little House
-She Is
-All At Once
-Look After You
-Heaven Forbid
-Fall Away
-Over My Head

-Trust Me
-How To Save A Life

Below are the pics of The Feeling, the UK band my cousins are raving about. They are suppose to come back in March '07. We'll definitely check up on them.

The entourage participated in the Lexus event last weekend @ Belmont Park in good 'ol Strong Island. It was awesome to test out all the new lexus SC, GS and LS models. Despite the short track course, I was able to get a good feel of the models. Out of the models, in my opinion, the GS (hybrid) was the best in handling and driveability.
Overall the event was pretty good especially when there's free food and appetizers. However, whenever there is a car event, you would expect the usual crowd. Yes, you guessed it, it attracts the ghetto asians...yeah the types with their "riced" up civics and hondas. Moreover, they talked like they were raised straight out from the "hood" of Hunts Point, Canarsie or Bedford Stuy where in fact they actually grew up in Bayside Queens or North Shore Long Island. :)

From the pic below, please note the old dude with the blue jacket. I felt horrible at that time because just when I was getting into the car to get my picture taken by sangie, she screamed: "HURRY UP!". Well, little did she know that the really really old man was trying his best to get out of the car. Since her quote was directed to me and not the old man, I was pretty embarrassed and felt bad for rushing him. Oh well, shit happens.

After the Lexus event, we went out to make two birthday pitstops. First, we met up with Mog and Ir for jurassic park's bday (happy bday btw) at Keybar in the East Village. A bit small, it reminded me of Bob's in Lower east side. After that, we made another pit stop (all over to the west village) for another college friends' bday at Fat Black Pussycat. I guess after these string of events, I will have ONE more day of drinking and that would be a Saturday nite libation for Halloween.

Running news: I have been officially rejected from the London Marathon as my application form arrived in UK 3 days after the deadline. Phuck the Flora Marathon. However, as if this was some consolation, I gained entry into the Tokyo Marathon! The marathon starts at 2/18/2007. Hence I have a few weeks to decide and book my flight. Furthermore, I just received my registration card to the NYC marathon. I'm in the blue corral start and bib #10837. Regardless, I can't wait to check out the expo. Heck, less than weeks for the race...this is surreal. Is this really happening?? Jack on the rocks please....

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Blogger Josh said...

Congrats on Tokyo! Wicked cool.

For NYC I got stuck in the Green Corral... I'll look for you somewhere in Brooklyn?

11:27 AM  

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