Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Halloween

(10/31) Update: More pics from the Halloween parade: My buddy from D.C. came to NY for presentations for several companies required for his MBA @ Emory. We had a bite @ L'Ulivo (another excuse to carbo-load) then checked out the parade and continued the Halloween libation to reunite with college buds @ Dennehys. Guilty as charged, I had several drinks....What the phuck was I thinking?!?!?! I simply have no willpower - I should be ashamed! Four more days.........

(10/29) Halloween binge drinking festivities were held at SOL on 29th and 10. Lacking in ideas for costume gear, I was just going to go in with a japanese NOH mask and the rest came in as burger king, dark angel and jap school girl. How original eh? In terms of drinking, with four drinks, I was totally under control. Hence this marks as the last day of drinking before the Marathon.

Oh back to the party at SOL. It was extremely crowded and was like a total rampage trying to get through to the main floor and the bar. Well, I almost encountered an altercation. Dude, yeah you with the Austin Powers costume. No need to act tough you short midget... I'll totally deck you. That dumbass complained that we were "pushing" him. Big whoop lil' fella, next time if you "try" to act tough don't be yelling at random people and moving away. If you got something to say, say it to my face, aite? Fucking coward.

As for sangie (a fellow TRD), I have to say congrats to her since she ran the Poland 5 miler the next day with an AG of 61.5. This was done with 4 hours of sleep and a couple of drinks @ Sol. I am truly inspired!

One more week till the marathon...I'm basically doing light stretching and hopping on a stationary bike to keep my legs fresh since I won't be running for awhile. I want to be close to 100% with the annoying soreness on my right hamstring and now my left knee.

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Blogger Darryl said...

Nice costume chink! LOL!! Ken is such a PIMP...he gets all the ladies and can run like a cheetah!

1:57 PM  

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