Saturday, July 22, 2006

Run For Central Park 4 Miler

Official Results for the Run For Central Park 4 Miler:

Net Time: 26:39
Pace: 6:39
Rank: 125/3846
AG: 63.2%

Unofficial Splits:

6:22:85 (Slow down moz...)
6:26:47 (Slow down again...)
7:06:96 (WHAT THE HELL?)
6:42:45 (Full Speed Ahead)

The Run for Central Park will be my 3rd race for July and since my previous 4 Mile PR was a 27:21 in February '06, I was hoping to break it today. I remembered back in February how much I hated running in the cold, but with temperatures in the 70s and a good dose of humidity, I was really looking forward to this race.

Last week after my 5 Miler, I've written a goal on a post-it on my cube. The goal was to aim for a 6:40 pace. I figured since my 5 miler was a 6:42 (i know depending on the course but anyway), I should be able to shed 1-2 seconds from it, so 6:40 sounds pretty reasonable. But before I give a rundown, there's a little confession I have to make. I was drinking from 8 - 1am last nite! You know, it is impossible to avoid hanging out on Friday Nights when the nite is still young and bars are in every block of your vicinity. Hence, I may keep telling myself to not drink before the race, but that will never happen. All I can say is I had no hangover, so there's no excuse.

Now for the quick rundown:

Mile 1:
At the start of the race, I trailed a Rez dog, Barry.
Mile 2: Paced with Barry till around 2.5M. That is when i basically lost him. Yup, he whooped my ass.
Mile 3: Looking at the splits, I totally effed up on this one. But like any lessons learned, I should've started a little slower on the first 2 miles. Being my stubborn-self, I wondered how many times will I learn my lesson from the beast?
Mile 4: I decided to kick it up a notch as I kinda' panicked a bit when several runners started to run past me.

Overall, it was a great race and I was able to pull off a sub 6:40; which was pretty much my goal since last week. After the race, I rooted my peeps, Akko, Kaz, Akane, Kyle and Anchi (another res dog). Then I hitted off to the 85th Southbridge to meet up with the dogs. Next, I ran another two loops of the reservoir, and just in time to meet with the Achilles Track Club @ 10:15am. The Achilles Track Club is a great organization where it promotes a healthy lifestyle for all people with disabilities. Hence I met up with Matt and Jane where we ran another 5 miler.

Yup, it was definitely an awesome day of racing and obtained 12 miles under my belt. Now I am going to eat a bag of chips HAAHHAHA - no really?

Most importantly, congrats to Akko (qualified for the 2007 ING NYC Marathon) and Anchi - TRD (37:25/9:23)- her very first race!!!

One more random note dealing with music: gf told me to rewind Dashboard Confessional's first track for bonus material. Well so i did it and to my surprise what do you know, there's a song from Spider Man 2's soundtrack "Vindicated" and one other Untitled song. I have to admit it was kinda weird rewinding the first if there was some "hynoptic-subliminal-suicidal-messages" from you know what....creepy eh? Well so much for emo-rock...haha

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Brooklyn said...

sounds like you had a nice run, moz. glad you enjoy the humidty - you're one of the few! Well, what's the next big goal? NYC 1/2?

4:06 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Congratulations. A nice race and good job packing in the miles with Achilles - An inspiring group for sure!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Chelly said...

Great Time. And all the extra running. Wow! I'm impressed. I was hoping my time would be better but the humidity seemed to get the better of me.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

Brooklyn - Warm and muggy conditions are definitely more enjoyable than the colder ones....I used to play tennis in the 90 degree weather. Yup! My next big goals are the NYC marathon and 60K Knickerbocker. I'll be at the NYC 1/2!

Josh - I had a great time with Achilles and will definitely be doing it again

Chelly - The humidity would definitely make your legs feel "heavy" and etc. But other than, you did 2 races in a row in pretty "crappy" conditions, so kudos to you-

6:28 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

Mile 3 always kills me in these 4-milers that start/end at 72nd-those west side hills are very sneaky.

just a little word of caution to you...are you really doing both the marathon and the 60K? i know some people on my team who have had experience with ultras would not recommend doing those 2 so close together...just my 2 cents. i think you are a great runner and just want you to stay injury-free!! :)

10:25 AM  

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