Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Out Sick

The inevitable has happened....I called in sick today. I woke up this morning at 6am, had blurred vision on my right eye, extreme light sensitivity and other ummmm discharges on my right eye (sorry to be graphic haha).

I believed it started after my monday night group run. After the 4 mile loop and another 2.5 of the bridle path, a couple of dogs and I decided to go for a beer at UNOs on 86th. That's basically when one of the dogs noticed the redness on my eyes. When i got home, I thought this would literally go away after discarding my contacts. Well just like any shit magnet, it got worse this morning. Hence I had another case of conjunctivitis.

So I called in sick, spent some time with the doc, acquired some prescription and slept a bit more. But honestly, how many more hours of sleep do I need?

Hopefully everything will be better by tomorrow, 'cus shit happens!

Ok back to the running subject, total mileage since 7/25 is 18.5 (Two Loops of CP - 12 miles on Sunday and 6.5 on Monday)

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

See ya Saturday at the 5k:)

7:47 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

Conjunctivitis. Fun. Hope you're feeling better...

Don't you wish sleep was like a savings account? Just put the sleep in now, let it sit there collecting interest and make sleep withdrawls as needed.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

uptown girl - heck i hate glasses, although i still came out to the speedworkouts!

Josh - LOL If only i can get my 12-16 hours of sleep on one of those days to make up for the 4-5 hours sleep in the weekends after drinking.

So yeah, Im feeling better...but i freaked out a bit cus i had the same thing a few months ago and doc told me I had ulcers on my eyes. I was like WTF!?! Oh well shit happens, but ill be up and running on Saturday's 5K.

6:05 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

there was a week last summer where i couldn't wear my contacts and i was restricted to wearing glasses...running in those things was a pain, they kept fogging up in the humidity!! hope your eyes are feeling better now.

and yes josh...you don't know how many times i wish that i can "bank" weekend sleep... :-)

1:27 PM  

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