Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth

Our firm had another early dismissal on Monday, hence, i used this rare opportunity to hit the gym and make an early trip to Central Park. Although the weather was horrible, I decided to use this experience to get acclimated for the upcoming conditions (ie. Bronx half and a whole slew of July 4-5milers). And if memory serves me right, i was sweating like a dog on the first mile! I started the whole loop at 6:40pm and on my way in finishing the loop I saw Jgo and Chris. Afterwards, I met up with Bob and his Monday Night run entourage (for that nite it was: Kate, Robin, Anchi, Mog, Paul, Chuck, Juanes and Todd (new member?)

I ran a total of 10 miles that nite, not too shabby with the sticky weather conditions. Speaking of gross conditions, Anchi and I left assprints on the concrete that evaporated in one minute. Sorry for being random - well, I left my apartment around 10pm and headed out to Park in the meatpacking district for Dinner with Myra. Apparently, I was surprised with the food and service at Park; and surprisingly good to say the least. We would usually go there as a "last resort" bar, but never a choice for dinner.

So the next day was July fourth and we made a trip to the gym and DAG for beers and grubs for a roofdeck party at my apartment. Then we headed out to Brunch at Panorama Cafe in Upper East. After brunch, I had to buy some stupid floor cushions at West Elm and catch the Italy/Germany game with a buddy of mine at Tonic in Murray Hill. Although my interest in the World Cup had wane from the US elimination, but dang gummit, that game was phucking exciting!!! I almost exploded a coronary artery on the overtime play by Italy.

About 8pm, everyone came over to the party and filled my kitchen with Guinnesses, Smithwicks, chips and a Korean cheesecake - and it was good! Even though it was prohibited, we still brought alcohol with us to the roofdeck to watch the fireworks. Such rebels!!!!!!!! hehehehe

The fireworks were....bleh...same ol' same ol', but it was definitely more exciting being in close proximity from my apartment. I remember watching the fireworks at the Seaport, but nothing comes close to this.

I snapped several pics of the scene and of course being retarded ol' me, i snapped some black/white pics by accident - nice going dumba$$! That's basically the result of "downing" 7-8 rum and cokes throughout the nite. Not to mention, I got a call at 7AM on a Wednesday Morning from my mom, basically scolding me because I drunk dialed and left crazy mumble-jumble messages in her voicemail. She was totally PO'ed!

And a random note: I think I have mentioned this on a previous post, don't really give a shit, BUT, Utada Hikaru's ULTRA BLUE album is amazing. This CD will be in heavy rotation, just like Mozzer/Smiths, Jack and the rest.

jibun de kowasanakya naranai hi ga kuru no?

Happy Birthday America...

Aloha and Happy Fourth Cheers,



Blogger Rupal said...

Ken, you really get hotter and hotter by the day. I don't know how the City will be able to handle your hottness. It will just melt down unless you put your shirt back on when running. The fireworks were pretty cool, I had a really good time especially looking at your pictures. Brought some tears to my eyes.

6:41 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

err yeah ok rups....yo i cant believe you will be ready to be sent off in two friggin' months! can't wait! i was major crunked during that nite!

8:25 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

I like the B&W pics best!

A few years back I got VIP passes to the Macy's bleacher seating on the FDR (where the do the live broadcast). Now that is the way to watch a fireworks display.

1:38 PM  

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