Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bronx Half Marathon

**Latest- Official Net Time: 1:34:52/7:14, ranked 245 and 62.4% AG

Just got back from my apartment and here are the unofficial results:

Splits from the watch:

Mile 1- 6:56:43
Mile 2- 6:56:37
Mile 3- 7:00:95
Mile 4- 7:12:27
Mile 5- 8:16:98
Mile 6- 6:06:38
Mile 7- 7:14:73
Mile 8- 7:15:81
Mile 9- 7:18:76
Mile 10- 7:09:24
Mile 11- 7:31:35
Mile 12- 7:22:35
Mile 13- 8:00:14
Mile .1- 30:24

(Unofficial Net Time): 1:35:38 (?)

Looking at the splits, mile 1-3 looked awesome. However, i think there's some discrepancy in mile 5-6. On 7-9, I definitely slowed down a bit and mile 11-13 was horrendous. I need to do something to improve on that! Maybe quit drinking? No...i can't possibly do that! :)

Well not every race is a PR; I got my wish of a sub 1:35 and anything better than that is gravy. Despite the weather conditions, I'm pretty used to it. I mean, i love to play tennis in the 90 degree weather! Hazy, hot and humid is something i look forward to!

The trek to Bronx was long, although not as bad as avoiding the land mine of dog-shits everywhere. I guess picking up after your dog is not a priority in this borough. I lived in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and there are shits everywhere in the Bronx!!!!!!!! Crazy shit and shit happens!

At the start of the race I saw some dogs: Mog, Barry, Paul, Riyad, Wendy and Jennifer. In addition, I saw my japanese entourage, Kaz and Jin. They actually played several hours of soccer on Saturday.....CRAZY! Anyway at the start of the race, paul totally put on the nitro, while i paced with Mog- who always crush me during the races and workouts!!! While pacing with DA MOG, Mile 1 and 2 felt great, hence I took off on mile 2.5. Between miles 3-7, i paced with a fellow dude from the Polish Runners Club and a CPTC'er. Next, I saw Barry briefly on mile 7-8, exchanged hellos and glanced at Paul who looked pretty fresh after mile 10. Anyway congrats to Paul on the PR.

Despite the favorable weather conditions, i felt that this course was a little harder than Queens with its numerous stretch of steep hills. However, most importantly, my achilles didn't hurt at all and I felt great after the race. Hence knock on wood, this is a good sign!

Now that I feel great, maybe a Splash and Dash, Run for the Parks and Shea are a possibility!

Congrats to all the dogs that made it to the race and doing well with the warm weather conditions.

I need a nice shower and chug a protein shake. On a sidenote, Federer defeated Nadal in 4 sets and ill be meeting up with friends to see the World Cup in Lil' Italy-

Happy World Cup Finals!

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger nyflygirl said...

you da shit magnet :-p

nice job. bronx is a weird race, i think. either you love it or hate it. when i did it last year, i never really got into a groove, i lost a minute because my gel wouldnt open, and then mile 13 was short and the last .1 was long. Needless to say, it didn't take Queens' place as the best borough half.

I'll be at the Dash and Splash too, but doing it as part of a longish run. I only signed up to get pool access afterwards.

And good seeing you Friday-it was a fun night!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Nice race out there in difficult conditions. I think you passed me at about mile 3.

Go Federer! Viva Italia!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Nice job...Bronx is a tough race with the lack of crowd support and just being in the heat of the summer.

Hope you had fun in Little Italy...saw photos and it looked crazy!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Beast said...

Some of the mile markers were screwy. You should start off slower and finish faster. It is amazing how much better you will race when you do that. I only learned that lesson after many races. Good job getting your goal. We will have to meet one day.

12:57 PM  

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