Sunday, June 18, 2006

WABC Father's Day 5 Miler

This Sunday, over 4500 runners came out to compete on the hazy and humid morning for the WABC Father's Day 5 Miler. I stayed over at the 'rents for the Father's Day weekend in Queens (again) and was anxiously trying to get to Central Park on time.

I left Queens at 7:15am and upon exiting the LIE for the Queensborough Bridge, upper level was closed (shit #1) so I turned around to get to the lower one. There was also some traffic on the lower level as a parked yellow cab blocked one of the left lanes (shit #2)....Heck i was pretty pissed as I hollered a continuous flow of obscenities while blasting NIN's "Piggy".

Anyway, after passing that friggin' parked cab, the drive was smoother than I thought as I arrived and found a parking spot on one of the West side streets.

In the beginning of the race, I saw a few of the rez dogs, Paul and BigIr. While waiting on the warm weather, all the runners had to listen to the long and tireless speeches. I got to tell you that I was pretty impatient and constantly fidgeting because I was ready to go. I thought to myself, when the heck will these speeches end?!?!

So the race was off and as always, the first mile is usually the most difficult. Just weaving through the bottleneck was a task within a task. I had to search for openings and was keeping my eye on another rez dog, baldy Mogwai (haha).

Here are my splits: (as far as I memorized and jotted it down after the race)

Mile 1: 6:50
Mile 2: 13:42
Mile 3: 20:19 (?)
Mile 4: 27:11
Mile 5: 33:47

Final net time was 33:31, 6:42/mile, ranked 288th and AG of 63.6%. I shaved off a little over 2 minutes off my previous 5 Miler (36:49/7:21) at Fred Lebow on 1/8/06.

In all seriousness, I was eyeing for a time in the 33:30s for the past two weeks as I have written a post-it of all the splits on my cube.

Here's what it states on the sticky with the help of the trusty pace calculator:

1 Mile 00:06:42
2 Mile 00:13:24
3 Mile 00:20:06
4 Mile 00:26:48
5 Mile 00:33:30

In terms of pacing, I was pretty off, compared to my goals for each mile. However, my final net time was off by 1 second. What a coincidence! Nice eh? I had to rely on Mog to pace myself, who happened to kick my arse pretty easily today - :o)

At the end of the race, I congregated with the other dogs, DK, mog, paul and barry for a bit and headed back to the cheering section to root for the racers. Well so i cheered on until i saw my boss and two other dogs (bob and chuck) in the end.

When i left the park, I searched for my car. From a distance, i noticed a bright orange ticket near the dashboard. My heart sunk. Just when I had a bad morning commute coming into the race, this shit had to happen (Shit #3). The ticket was 115 bucks and the violation was having the car parked on the bus stop. I thought I parked far away from the bus stop and was at least 10 feet from the hydrant. Heck, I thought everything was going smoothly after driving through the lowel level! I guess with all the thoughts of getting to the race on-time resulted in a case of total stupidity when I should've been more prudent on where to park the car...especially in NYC (lessons learned)

$115...Let me think of the opportunity cost....perhaps:

-two tickets to the US Open
-3 tickets to the Yanks game
-time warner cable bill
-dinner for 2 at Sushi Samba
-2 rounds of shots for a group 6
-7 CDs
-5 hardbook novels
-half a diesel jean

I have to stop this is getting depressing!

Anyway, next up is the Bronx Half Marathon and my left achilles is feeling ok now. I popped in the generic Ibuprofrens and discarded the Tylenols as I feel like i was getting pretty addicted to it (Shit #4).

There's a balance in life; despite the PR at this Sunday's 5 Miler I ended up with a gift for Bloomberg. I guess I am da' shit magnet. Eff me!

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Sempre Libera said...

Great race, especially given the heat. Glad to hear your achilles is starting to feel better.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Uptown Girl said...

Nice race...a 2 minute PR is awesome no matter how you look at it. Rest up...that heat can take a lot out of you.

6:20 AM  
Blogger nyflygirl said...

you're cracking me up with your "shits" :-p

anyway-i did say yesterday that if anyone PR'ed i will totally hold it against them, but i will make some exceptions :-) congrats on the PR-even more impressive in the heat!!

7:27 PM  
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