Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dinner with Levvy, Laura and....Duncan Sheik?

Just a few hours ago, while eating dinner at a joint in the East Village, I got a text from Levvy/Laura to decide on where to meet up for drinks. We've been coordinating to meet for awhile since Levvy and Laura lives in San Fran and Albany. After a few text exchanges, we decided to meet up in the bar at the Soho Grand Hotel @ 9:30pm.

And so i got there, met up and decided to order a drink for them. However, I never got the chance to. Why?? Out of nowhere, Levvy broke the news to me: "Kano, this is going to shock you, but we are going to have dinner with Duncan Sheik!" My first response was utter silence. Speechless. I thought Levvy was pulling my strings here as Laura just gazed and smiled. They were not kidding around....

All of my buddies know how I'm a huge fan of Duncan's music. I mean I met him a few times after his gigs and I can tell you how much i stuttered and couldn't even pronounce any words with my nervous babbling. But to have dinner with Duncan kidding me right?

We met up with Duncan at Pepolino's for dinner. Damn, I ALREADY had dinner at 7pm, and I still ordered another entree. The food and wine was great. But most importantly, although I was a little taken back and probably resembled to someone who has gone through tons of shock therapy, it was great to know how humble he is. We exchanged great stories here and there and Duncan like anyone of us, was just a normal "dude".

After dinner, Duncan headed back home and the rest of us went out for more drinks. Levvy took us to her local bar on Prince and Sullivan. Just when we entered the bar, there was a stench of lysol. Yup, you guessed it - it was closed. Fortunately, the owners were nice enough to let us stay for awhile and order drinks. At 1 AM on a quiet Sunday nite, we were yapping and laughing so hard that people living a few floors up threw a bag of water on the sidewalks to shut us up. Levvy and I were thinking..." it water or could it be......urine?" Ultimate grossness - and yes we shocked Laura with the stories of people throwing things out of the stories in Hong Kong. Anyway, two dinners as well as dinner and drinks with amazing friends and Duncan ultimate way to end the weekend in NYC.

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger Josh said...

Don't ya just love living in NYC!

9:21 AM  
Blogger Hel Fire said...

Wow! sounds like it was a good night. :)

4:31 PM  
Blogger Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Great story and pics.

I was invited to see "Spring Awakening" but haven't heard much about it. Have you seen it? Did Duncan talk about it at all?

7:51 PM  

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