Sunday, May 14, 2006

NY Junior League Mother's Day Run 5K - 20:09

On Mother's Day I competed in the NY Junior League 5K run. My result was a net time of 20:09, 6:30/min pace, ranked 87/2514, 23rd in my age group and an age grade of 64.0%. Here are my splits:

1 Mile - 6:02
2 Mile - 12:57
3.1 Mile - 20:14

Personally I prefer longer runs because it's in my comfort zone. Since I never ran a 5K race before, I guess i'll just give it a shot. Before the race, I had a plan of attack. My goal for this race was to hit the mark at 21 minutes. Using the pace calculator, in order to reach 21 minutes, I needed to pace myself to 6:45/mile. Well let's just say things didn't go according to plan.

Just when the race started, I spotted a fellow dog. Yes, it was MVD "most valuable dog" DK. DK is always the top dog on the races and I knew if i can spot him from afar, I should do fine. In the beginning, I passed DK, then right after mile 1, he came right back and exchanged hellos. Once hitting mile 1 at 6:02, i said to myself "F**K, a little too fast moz....slow the sh*t down yo!" Then I finally gave up on pacing with DK on the turnaround as he put the nitro on the uphill and I couldn't keep up with him afterwards. Close to the end of mile 2, I panicked for a few seconds as several runners (i believe one of them was CPTC....nevermind....) started to pass me. I reached mile 2 at 12:57 and realized that if I can only consistently keep up the pace I can get a better time than 21 minutes. However, my legs were not picking up enough and I was feeling the fatigue. Fortunately, some dude caught up from behind, was neck and neck with me, started talking, exchanged hellos and I paced with him till mile 3. I guess I should thank him for giving me the extra motivation because I didnt want to lose to him, although in the end he beat the crap out of me! Near the finish, I was glad to spot my dad from afar and finished with a final time was 20:14 (net 20:09).

Again although I generally prefer longer races, i guess it is good to experience some shorter ones. I am satisfied with my time and hopefully I can keep the momentum on the Healthy Kidney 10K.

Anyway congrats to the fellow dogs, dk hitting a sub 20 and recovering from a calf injury and nate with a sub 7.

After the race, i played another 7 games of bowling. Horrible scores to say the least and with an average of 158, I should hang my head in shame! Even with a high score of 221, just imagine the slew of 140's and 130's. This definitely spells "inconsistency" and I would like to be a little better next time!

So I am watching Survivor right now and bloody hell, Cirie lost the fire challenge. Eff me!

Quote of the day from Shane of Survivor [To Aras] - "Aras, you are young, broke, homeless and and you free-load off of your dad...." Ehh....I'm definitely not fond of trust fund nesters........

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger nyflygirl said...

I too wanted Cirie to win-but if she couldn't, you gotta admit that the lesser of 2 evils in the final 2 won. And I'm glad the Terry show was put to an end. The jury disappointed me...I expected Shane and Courtney to be much more bitter!!

Nice job in the 5k-I too am not too crazy about short races!! I'm sorta glad that the string of countless 4-milers on the NYRR calendar is over for now...

5:56 PM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

Yeah, Danielle wouldn't have won if she chose Terry anyway. Aras was a a$$ for coercing Danielle to take him to the final two or else she wont be getting Cirie and his vote.

I was kinda rooting for Terry though. This guy dominated almost all the immunity challenges and came out on top with little or no alliances.

As far as the jury goes, what a disappointment!!!!!! I expected Shane to be over the top and Courtney to explode with her bitchiness to ninth power.

And for the race, I was satisfied with my time and so glad the string of short races are over for awhile....let's not forget there is a bunch of 5 milers coming up in July and August!

6:14 AM  

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